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Confederations Cup: Brazil vs Uruguay (Your Running Commentary)

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With emotions high inside and outside of the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the Brazilian National Team takes the field on Wednesday to face a nearby rival in Uruguay (3pm, ESPN/ESPN3) in the Confederations Cup semifinals.

In addition to regular meetings in World Cup qualifiers over the years, Uruguay defeated Brazil in the 1950 World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro with 200,000 in attendance, something that the Brazilian people haven’t forgotten about. They are the target team though, with three victories in the group stage of the Confederations Cup and an in-form Neymar playing light’s out.

Uruguay have stemmed their bad results with two successive wins over Nigeria and Tahiti, but face another tough test in Brazil. Uruguay didn’t look good at all against Spain in their Confederations Cup opener, and will need to pull out all the stops on Wednesday to take down the hosts.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action

  • SanFran415

    I was about to riot if they didn’t get that NFL garbage off the channel. Because we absolutely need all the programming interrupted to listen to a prosecutor lay out charges against some thug in the NFL.


    • beto

      bull right! they need to keep all of those players in holding cells between seasons. bunch of animals.


  • SanFran415

    Can’t have any complaints about that. Luiz just football tackles Forlan.


    • SanFran415

      Nvm, wasn’t Forlan. Why do so many Uruguayans have floppy dirty blond mops?


      • Brad C

        Blonde hair is fairly rare in that part of the world, they want to show it off…


  • Jason

    Enough of that NFL crap. Anyone else notice the ESPN ticker also noted that another NFL player had been recently charged with attempted murder? ‘Puts Suarez’ bitting incident into some perspective.


  • bryan

    so for the U-20s, obviously the US has to win and we want Spain to win. but lets assume France get 2nd and we are in 3rd on 4 points. in order to make it as a 3rd place team, the following would help a lot:

    – Korea beat Nigeria

    – Turkey beat Australia

    – Colombia beat El Salvador

    – Mexico beat Mali

    – Chile tie or beat Iraq

    – England tie or beat Egypt

    – Croatia beat New Zealand

    the good news is this is totally possible. the Korea/Nigeria game will be a toss up though. but the US need to do their part and get a couple of goals against Ghana to earn 3 points.


  • SanFran415

    Referee being really kind to Gustavo–definitely got the benefit of the doubt on that. Can’t say I’d have been so kind–whose follow through lands that high?


  • froboy

    Great passes to set up the Brasil goal, though the goal itself was a bit lucky, miskick off the shin, i think if he hits it right Uruguay likely stops it


  • bryan

    well, now that scores are final, it makes more sense to do this. to start, the US has to win. and the more straight forward way to make it out is to destroy Ghana and hope Spain destroy France. but, lets discuss what happens if we finish in 3rd without taking GD into account. the 3rd place teams are:

    – USA 1 point

    – Nigeria 3 points

    – El Salvador 3 points

    – Mali 2 points

    – England 2 points

    – Uruguay 3 points

    so, the US needs to win like we said. that’ll put us at 4 points. it would be nice to see the following happen in the other games:

    – Korea beat Nigeria to prevent Nigeria from getting more than 3 points

    – Colombia needs to beat El Salvador to prevent them from getting more than 3 points

    – Turkey beat or tie Australia to prevent them from getting to 4 points

    – Mexico beat or tie Mali to prevent Mali for getting to 4 points

    – Egypt tie or beat England preventing England from more than 3 points

    – Uzbekistan beat Uruguay to prevent Uruguay from getting more than 3 points


  • SanFran415

    And people complain about Spain embellishing? Holy cow Brazil is ridiculous.


  • beto

    these teams give football a bad name. i hope either Spain or Italy thrashes Brazil in the final.


  • Hush

    Great gm overall… I still would take Uruguay’s back four over anyone in the world. They remind me of what we use to be. Only difference is Uruguay has a bit of a bully type attitude and it’s raw.

    Brasil vs Spain! Castellanos vs Portuguese’s! Yeeahhh boii… I know the Latin community has been waiting for this for a long time now.


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