The SBI Show: Episode 42 (Previewing USMNT-Honduras, a look back at MLS Week 16, and more)

Michael Bradley

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


With the third of three June World Cup qualifiers just a day away for the U.S. Men’s National Team, The SBI Show’s latest episode takes a look at the U.S./Honduras match, among other hot topics.

Episode 42 of The SBI Show features a closer look at Tuesday’s qualifier, as co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the current injury situation with Honduras, and the lineup options for Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of the match at Rio Tinto Stadium.

We also discuss MLS Week 16, including the Columbus Crew’s upset of Montreal, and the Portland Timber’s statement victory against FC Dallas.

Other topics discussed include Bob Bradley leading Egypt to the verge of qualifying for the World Cup, to the Confederations Cup. We also have our latest SBI Show Q&A, and announce the winner of our recent SBI Show Contest.

Give Episode of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on USA-Honduras? What do you think of Bob Bradley’s job with Egypt? Impressed with the action in MLS Week 16? Recognized the intro music?

Share your thoughts on Episode 42 below.

  • bearusky

    Ives whats with the love fest with old man bradley? We are in the Klinsman Era!


    • Ives Galarcep

      What’s with your continued hate for the guy? Did your five years of anti-Bradley trolling not satisfy you enough?


  • Slowreno

    Ives, I’m with you, we need to see a bigger sample size of Cameron in the mid. From the stands and on tv, he looked stellar after a nervy start against Panama. The other reason to leave Jones out that I haven’t heard yet; more rest from his concussion. Why jeopardize his health at all at this point?

    Again, great show guys! Also, thanks for the Seattle love last week! 🙂


  • Falls City Outlaw

    Great show! My family is in Arizona (lived there fore years before moving to Louisville, KY), so I’m with you Garrett – it’s definitely the West Coast.


    • Henry

      I’m from Los Angeles (Born and Bred) and we would not recognize you as Westcoast


  • Loche Achles

    Gotta agree.

    Sense says: keep Cam in the mid to see where this can go and to protect JJ (concussions are nothing to mess around with)

    and to put Castillo in at LB. He has earned it and needs a real look. I heard from ESPN that he has been performing well in camp this week so I expect he will get the start.


  • Travis

    I know its off topic but there isnt a match thread for today, did anyone else see the reaction from Tahiti after they scored? Talk about sheer joy


    • elgringorico

      Yeah I Just listened to this podcast after the game, good call Garrett. Great goal Tahiti! Those guys played with heart, awesome story even if they don’t score another goal


  • Dantheman 488

    Wow! Did Garret call the scoreline for today’s game! Good stuff man!


  • Travis

    Finally made it to the end, who picked Macklemore in the intro? Starting Over is a great song


      • Garrett

        I did. Love that whole album. Problem is people only know Thrift Shop. Starting Over, Same Love are deep and just solid.


  • Clyde Frog

    I hope some respect is shown to Tahiti in the next show! They scored a goal, and could have scored more. They were only outshot 17-10. I bet no one had them getting off 10 shots. They really tried to go forward. This was nothing like watching similarly amateur sides like San Marino, who just park the bus and barely get off 10 shots in an entire qualifying campaign.

    Respect to Tahiti. They are a FUN story and I look forward to their next 2 games!


  • Mister JC

    Great show as usual. I guess I’ll have to make an iTunes account to give reviews and participate in the contests…


  • Willy B

    I believe that most people would think that hiring Klinsmann as the new coach was a step in the right direction for the team. Despite some early struggles do you think that our team is now entering a stage where we understand his system based off of these recent results? And i’ve been trying to figure out whether it is our players getting more comfortable with Jurgen’s style, giving credit to our success to him for molding our team, or is that our players have been just getting better based off of their experiences from their club teams, giving credit to the Dempsey’s season at tottenham, Altidore’s at AZ, etc. Curious what yall think. Side note, Tahiti showing up for the Nigeria game wearing red collared shirts with white flowers on them…too funny.


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