The SBI Show: Episode 40 (Previewing USMNT-Panama; a look at MLS Week 15; and more)

Clint Dempsey


Photo by John Todd/ISIPhotos.com


World Cup qualifying action is in full swing for the U.S. Men’s National Team and Episode 40 of The SBI Show helps get you ready for USA-Panama on Tuesday with our preview of the key HEX showdown.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I break down the match, discussing lineup options for Jurgen Klinsmann as well as the challenges presented by Panama. We also talk about the U.S. Under-20 team, which has departed for Portugal ahead of the Under-20 World Cup, set for later this month.

We also take a look back at Saturday’s MLS action, and also discuss some of the league’s hotter topics, such as Frank Yallop’s departure from San Jose and much more.

We also have our first SBI Show Q&A, where we answer some Twitter questions from listeners.

Give Episode 40 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of Episode 40? Agree with our take on the U.S. lineup? Who do you see replacing Frank Yallop long term in San Jose? Like the Q&A segment we added to the show?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Weston John

    Great show! First off, credit to Ives for nailing the 2-1 scoreline for the US-JAM game last podcast. Didn’t hear any predictions out of Garrett & Ives in this podcast for the Panama game….what do you think? My prediction is 2-0 US (Altidore and EJ with the goals).

    I liked the Q&A segment and may have to finally join Twitter to be able to participate.

    I would definitely enjoy you guys going to 3 shows per week. I commute from Weston to Boca every day and this podcast makes me look forward to the drive. Definitely my favorite soccer podcast and I subscribe to 7 of them!


    • zztoppppp

      I agree, this show gives me something to look forward to while at work on Monday and Friday.

      I think we will get the W tomorrow night, but I think it will be a tough game. Thankfully Blas Perez is out. Without Zusi, I see the USMNT winning 1-0 with the goal coming from Dempsey. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing EJ get the goal in front of his home crowd.


    • Weston John

      My prediction above nailing the score and the goal scorers has to earn me some street cred on this site (or a shout out in the next podcast?)!


      • Mister JC

        That was pretty impressive, but if you really wanted to get on the podcast, you should have said during which minute each goal was going to be scored…


      • Weston John

        Haha…if that’s what it takes, I’m going to polish my crystal ball for the Honduras game!


  • zztoppppp

    Would someone please inform Garrett that New Zealand won the Oceania bid 3 months ago. 4th place out of the HEX will without a doubt face New Zealand.


    • TomG

      Didn’t he say it should be New Zealand or are you calling him out for not being authoritative enough? I’m all for poking fun at Garrett, but this seems a little nitpicky. I’d much rather accuse him of not being able to grow facial hair yet.


      • Garrett

        That’s nitpicky and thank you. Also I can grow a “decent” beard in a week, come on.


      • TomG

        I take it all back, man. I’ll buy you a drink to make up for it when you’re legal. JK – great show.


  • QuakerOtis

    It would be great to have Dom back in San Jose. Can’t hold you to it, but I’m hoping you’re right Ives. Hoping…


    • Devin Brown

      I just can’t imagine what San Jose could offer to make the Dynamo release Kinnear early from his contract. He’s easily the most valuable commodity on the team.


  • Brad C

    I think Ives has a bad mic. He would cut out for a second every 10-20 seconds…


  • Brad C

    Short corners should only be used when: 1. Your team has a huge height/size disadvantage. (Barca) 2. You catch the other team snoozing or not paying attention.


    • beachbum

      a couple more reasons I can think of

      3. protecting a lead late

      4. trying to create a better/different angle for the cross

      also, I assume with your Barca example you meant when a team does NOT have a huge height/size advantage


  • Ben

    Anyone else having problems with itunes and this podcast? It won’t download the newest episode and last time it took like a week and a half and then three showed up to download at once.


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