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Galaxy unveil fan-designed third kit

LAGalaxy3rdKit (LAGalaxy)


The Los Angeles Galaxy revealed their latest third kit on Saturday, picking a design from fan Carlos Rodriguez, who won a contest through Facebook and the LA Galaxy.

The design is said to be a throwback to the inaugural season of Galaxy soccer, featuring the green, red, and yellow of the Los Angeles city flag. The uniform will be debuted on August 17 against Real Salt Lake.

What do you make of the kit? Like it? Think it’s awful?

Share your thoughts below.

  • RK

    I love the idea that they let a fan design it.

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t a Galaxy fan.


  • Brett

    It’s pretty ugly. I know the yellow is there to preserve a smidgen of the Galaxy brand, but it really makes it look like a child coordinated the color scheme. It’s just bad all around.


  • solles

    Lol when has a new kit release been accepted by the general soccer going populace. People usually have one of two reactions: I dont like change, I think it sucks; or, he said he doesnt like change and it sucks, therefore thats what I think too.

    To me its not that bad though I have to admit its pretty close to Mexico. But so what. Every kit in MLS is close to some other kit somewhere else.


  • NornIron

    This has to be one of the worst kits I’ve EVER seen. This ranks right up there with the 1994 US World Cup kit. Simply an awful combination of colors that clash horribly. WHAT was Adidas thinking when they said “Yeh, looks good. Let’s go with this.”


  • Mister JC

    Yikes… Well, at least it’s just the 3rd kit. They won’t wear this one too often, unless there was a quota in the contest…


  • over there

    MLS has come a long way if it can look back and embrace the ugly and stupid of the mid-90s.


  • Ron

    Oops, link didn’t work. Just google for an image of Coloradao Caribous Shirt.


  • reiter

    “fan designed”? but fans of who and what? in any case, they’re surely not fans of good taste.


  • Jordan

    The shirt is black, green, red, and yellow, with “herb” on it, and SBIers are flipping out because they think it evokes Mexico? People, I think you’ve got “Mexican” and “Rastafarian” mixed up.


  • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain

    Green and red are complimentary. Black and gold are complimentary. Green and red and black and gold smooshed together is insulting.


    • Brett

      Black complements anything because it’s a tone not a color. It’s the mixture of primaries, red and yellow, combined with a secondary using the opposite end of the color wheel that makes it so aesthetically unpleasant. I had the same reaction when I first saw RSL’s violet/red/yellow kits, but those are slightly better because the warmest color (yellow) is complemented and so is balanced out more to the eye.


  • Joe Ireland

    Africa Arise! This kit is terrible. It looks like it was designed by a chimp. I don’t get the color combination. I


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