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Cosmos open training facility on Long Island



At a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, the New York Cosmos officially opened their practice facility on the grounds of the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, New York.

The Cosmos, spending $400,000 of their own money to redevelop and renovate the complex, will use the space as their practice facility while playing games at Shuart Stadium in nearby Hempstead, New York.

“This is another exciting step in the reboot of the Cosmos,” COO Erik Stover said in a statement. “As a professional team, it’s very important to have great partners. With Nassau County, we have that and more. This couldn’t have happened without their support. Now, we’re looking forward to the next big step – Cosmos Opening Day on Aug. 3 at Hofstra.”

The Cosmos secured a ten-year lease for the land in Uniondale, as they continue to try and land a deal with New York City to build a stadium in on the grounds of the Belmont Racetrack.

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  • Sly

    Hope they do wella nd eventually get in the MLS. More importantly imho they need to get a proffessional academy set up, long island has a huge population and alot of youth soccer players/leagues. More than NYC (pulled that comparison FMA). If they get a good setup they could make money just being a feeder team.


    • Eugene

      I think they already have an academy set up, they bought or combined some of the academies that had already existed in and around LI.


    • Sticky

      This is impressive for a team that will spend the rest of its professional existence in the second division. Good luck to ya.


  • Older & Wiser

    clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap clap, COSMOS. Repeat as necessary.


  • El Paso tx

    I don’t get this situation, the cosmos should just unite with red bull or mets owners or Manu owners that are American. The question is, if mls expands to 24,26, or stop at 28, which I think 28 is perfect by 2026 , will cosmos be part of mls.


  • jspech

    all you jesters, Cosmos are on better footing than half the MLS or is the USFL.

    Stadium decision should be by end of this month as legislator session ends. & guess what w/ construction slated to start next yr, don’t be surprise if that fakery NYCFC (spit, spit) is begging for a logging


    • Cosmosfan

      Most the negative and snarky comments are from people that just don’t know what is going on here. Fact is the guys running the Cosmos are going a great job and doing the right things to build a soccer club.


    • Old School

      “all you jesters, Cosmos are on better footing than half the MLS”

      Out of curiosity, can you name the “half” you’re referencing and provide any details of the criteria you’ve determined that the Cosmos are on “better footing”?


      • Yevgeniy

        No, noone involved with the Cosmos or their fans is big on details, reality, criteria etc. They just all believe NYRB sucks, MLS sucks, Garber sucks and they are the best. It’s an axiom.


      • sly

        Infidel. Though shalt not go against the mantra. Redbulls are the anti Christ. Garber is Satan spelt sideways. Cosmos are better run Borussia Dortmund.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I’m all for the Cosmos coming back. But out there in Nassau County? Aren’t the Islanders in jeopardy of folding every year because they can’t find the fans to support them? I liked it when the cosmos played in Giants stadium – centrally located for everyone in the tri-state to come see them play. I can assure no Jersey folk are driving out to the island to see the Cosmos. Oh wait…they have the Red Bulls.


    • Brain Guy

      Giants Stadium may have been good for the Cosmos, but it was nightmarish for the MetroStars. And as far as being centrally located, Red Bull Arena is way easier to get to, but the NYC crowd still complains because — gasp — you have to take another train after the subway (even though it looks and works just like the subway, and is a shorter ride than going from most of the city to the Mets or the Yankees.


      • DCLee

        Agreed Brain! People like to complain and come up with reasons why not to do something then actually do them.


      • Jspech

        Why keep twisting your arm in knots? Maybe people just don’t want to come to RBA, ever heard of free market?


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