World Cup Qualifying

Tuesday's Soccer on TV

HiguainEcuador1 (Reuters)


World Cup 2014 qualification zooms towards the finish line with a number of matches on Tuesday across the globe.

South American group leaders Argentina travel to the altitude in Quito to face tenth ranked in the world Ecuador, who have suffered a couple of recent embarrassing defeats to Germany and Peru, and need a win to regain confidence moving forward. Another interesting match features the rising Venezuela against the downward-spiraling Uruguay.

The United States, Costa Rica, and Mexico will all try to gain separation from the pack in CONCACAF qualifying. All three nations are tied on points with seven in the Hexagonal, but while Costa Rica and Mexico meet up at the Estadio Azteca, the U.S. hosts Panama in Seattle. Bottom two teams Honduras and Jamaica face off as well in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In Asia, nearly every match is filled with intrigue and importance, with Group A leaders South Korea facing second-place Uzbekistan, with the winner likely assuring themselves out of a World Cup spot and the loser potentially falling to third place. In Group B, Australia can re-gain second place with a win over Jordan at home.

The European Under-21 tournament in Israel reaches it’s third round of matches as Israel faces already-eliminated England and Italy meets Norway.

Here is a rundown of Tuesday’s Soccer on TV:

5am – One World Sports – Australia vs. Jordan

7am – One World Sports – South Korea vs. Uzbekistan

11:30am – One World Sports – Iran vs. Lebanon

12pm – ESPN3 – Israel U21 vs. England U21

12pm – ESPN3 – Norway U21 vs. Italy U21

1pm – ESPN3 – Belarus vs. Finland

1:15pm – GolTV – Sweden vs. Faroe Islands

4:30pm – BeIN Sport Español – Colombia vs. Peru

5pm – BeIN Sport USA – Ecuador vs. Argentina

8pm – ESPN/Unimás/ESPN3 – Mexico vs. Costa Rica

8pm – BeIN Sport USA – Venezuela vs. Uruguay

8:30pm – BeIN Sport Play – Chile vs. Bolivia

9pm – BeIN Sport Español – Honduras vs. Jamaica

10:08pm – ESPN/Unimás/ESPN3 – USA vs. Panama

    • David M

      Remind me, when was the last time a non-European team won a World Cup semifinal?


      • KNPonder

        2002. Previous to 2002, I think 5 out of 6 finals had either Brazil or Argentina in it.


  • Jacknut

    You know what would be awesome: If FIFA and the federations could stagger qualifiers in a way to get 24 hours of soccer. That would be the most awesome thing in the history of history.


  • Ah

    A 1-0 loss by Ecuador at Peru wasn’t what they were looking for but it’s hardly embarrassing. Road games are brutal in South America.


    • FakeU

      And I thought I was the only one.


      Maybe the writer scoffed at Peru’s 30th place ranking and juiced over Ecuador’s 10th?

      Welcome to South American soccer, Daniel.


      • Judging Amy

        Also, Pizarro, Farfan, Guerrero, Rodriguez, Vargas, Zambrano would all not only start for the US but probably be among our best players (Farfan is arguably better than any of our players). Cruzado, Carillo (who doesn’t start for Peru), Yotun and Advincula could all probably start for us too. Shoot, I’d take 19 year old Yordy Reyna (a Peruvian youth squad player who’s a beast) over all of our current strikers except for Jozy and Clint. 19 year old Benavente (another youth player who plays for Real Madrid B) would be nice to have in the middle too, probably not as a starter but better than most if not all our backups.

        Peru is no joke. CONMEBOL qualifying is brutal.


      • Judging Amy

        Luis Ramirez could probably start for us too. He’s sick.


      • louis z

        and Peru is in 6th place and only the top 4 go to the WC, and they still have to play Colombia and Argentina on the road. I think they dug a deep hole for themselves, I hope they make it but is going to be tough.


      • Benny

        CONMEBOL is no Joke is right and qualifying is brutal. We see this time and time again, Now, I love the Peruvian side and follow the team religiously; but if Peru were to make it to the WC 2014 and play the U.S., I put my money on the U.S. 2-1 USA. Just my opinion.


      • Judging Amy

        I agree. I think the US beats Peru in a close game. But individual talent wise, I think Peru is clearly better.

        The US is better as a team– more of a system team, more disciplined, better defenders, mentally tougher, scrappier, more athletic, better coached (although Markarian is a good coach, he’s had years of horrendous coaching culture to overcome).


  • Ivan

    Is the US game being played on real grass in Seattle? I sure hope so. They just recently did a study confirming that every time football is played on artificial turf, a little birdie dies!

    But, seriously, football on turf should be classified as a crime against the game! Unless the game is played in or around the Arctic circle, football must be played at a real grass!


    • Luetchy

      Real grass laid over turf. Read the headline on the homepage: “USMNT Notes: Temporary grass not a major problem for squad on eve of Panama qualifier.”


    • NC Jeff

      Well … depends on how you define the “real” part of “real grass.” Each individual blade of grass is real, BUT it’s a temporary grass surface that they store in trays and bring out and place on top of the the permanent artificial turf. The roots aren’t as deep and it invariably has seams.

      Personally, I’d just play it on the turf … at least all the MLS players are familiar with it (maybe Panama has so many MLS players that it’d actually be a negative for the US?).


    • TomG

      Seattle sells out every game yet they can’t get a soccer specific stadium with a grass field?


  • Nick

    according to beIN’s website they are no longer showing Honduras-Jamaica…now just S. American qualifiers.


    • Luetchy

      Mexico vs. Costa Rica is available on ESPN3 only for those living from Colorado and further west.

      USA vs. Panama is available on ESPN3 only in Hawaii.

      WatchESPN allows you to watch ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN U, so you could see both games there.


  • JS

    Other than obviously a TV channel, what is One World Sports? And what providers actually carry it?


    • ...

      It’s a channel focusing on Asian sports. Cablevision has it, but only as part of the various Asian-language programming packages, even though OWS is in English. You can also add just OWS for $2.95/month.


  • Bek Aripov

    Uzbekistan is about to make history by beating South Koreas tomorrow.Fifa World Cup 2014 here we come.Uzbek 4 Life


  • Redneck

    It will be nice to settle in Tuesday evening for back-to-back concacaf matches on ESPN.


  • drew

    USMNT website says game is at 6:30pm local. Is that kickoff, or is the time for kickoff listed above – 7:08 local – correct?


    • alabamafutbol

      Jealous of you for being in Honduras, it’s an incredible country! Enjoy, los Catrachos necesitamos los 3 puntos desperately


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