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USMNT spotlight on Nick Rimando

Nick Rimando


Photo by ISIPhotos.com

  • Arkie

    Class act. Please take it him to Brazil (if/when we make it there). He’s done more than enough to be there, and if the unthinkable happens and we’re down two keepers (it’s happened before) I can’t understand why we would want Sean Johnson or Bill Hamid there ahead of him. There’s a reason why we took Hahnemann for the last one; if it comes down to it we need to have someone who you know is not going to buckle under pressure. Nice to see one of these on a squad player.


    • Neruda

      Rimando is best for GK #3 for Brazil. Hamid and Johnson represent the future but they’re still learning and both very young.


  • john

    I’m excited to see the team on Tuesday. They look to be in good spirits and are playing really freely. Hopefully with all the injuries/suspensions to Honduras’ key players, the team can score a couple of goals. Plus a really solid pitch and good support will be great to see.


  • Neruda

    Rimando is nails and makes crazy cat like saves. Guzan will do fine against Honduras but if rimando is ever called upon there will be no letdown in goal keeping quality. Rimando and gspurning are the best two keepers in MLS right now.


  • shane

    Rimando = awesome. Dude is class, would love for him to be between the sticks for the USA anytime


  • DC Josh

    I never realized how small he is; the goalmouth engulfs him. But he still manages to be on the of the best goalkeepers in MLS.


  • the original jb

    Always been a fan, and always felt completely comfortable if he had to step in for the USMNT. Agree with the above posters that he should go to Brazil if we make it. Would be nice to get him some Gold Cup games if it doesnt interfere with RSL too much. Thanks SBI for posting the link.


  • David

    Rimando is a nice luxury for this team to have. Solid backup if for some reason you lose Tim and Brad but also a proven winner and leader to show the younger guys, Johnson and Hamid, how it is done when the Euro guy aren’t in camp.


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