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The SBI Show: Episode 52 (Talking USA-Costa Rica, Gold Cup roster changes, and more)

Landon Donovan, Brek Shea


Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The U.S. Men’s National Team pushed their unbeaten streak to eight matches with Tuesday’s 1-0 win vs. Costa Rica, and the SBI Show takes a look back at that win, and the U.S. team’s perfect run through the Gold Cup group stage.

Episode 52 of The SBI Show takes a look at Tuesday’s win, which players stood out the most, and the state of the U.S. team heading into the quarterfinals. Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the roster changes made by the U.S. team heading into the knockout rounds.

We also look at the latest in MLS, including a look back at Wednesday’s two league matches. Osvaldo Alonso’s rescinded red card, and San Jose’s acquisition of Jaime Alas (which leads to a discussion on how the members of the 2012 U.S. Under-23 Olympic Qualifying Team has done since last year’s fateful qualifying run).

Give Episode 52 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on the Costa Rica match? Which USMNT players do you think did the best during the Group stage? See Seattle turning things around?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Drew

    It’s ridiculous to think that the union gave up on Orozco after their first year in the league. I think he has been spectacular along with Donovan.


    • zztoppppp

      If I’m not mistaken he was only on loan with the Union, and they didn’t have the option of keeping him.


    • GW


      Your hindsight is 20/20.

      If you could go back and read SBI around the time Orozco left the Union, you would find that most of you were unaware of it or said good riddance.

      At the time he was the guy who got red carded in the Olympics.

      Have one bad game with a memorable bad moment and US fans pretty much s++t on you permanently.

      There are plenty of you now who refuse to forgive Shea for his one bad half against Cuba and the US won that game.


      • Drew

        Orozco is a surprise, I just think it’s ridiculous/funny they declined to buy him. Classic Philly.


  • Ronster

    I agree! Michael Orozco has surely matured since the red card in the Olympics!


  • Dainja

    Oops, I may have quoted too grimey of a line from ED O.G. How about “so put on your Adidas and STEP OFF!” Great beat choice, IG; one of my all time faves.


  • Drannix Nakrahad

    Do you think that it is possible that Orozco may be moved to play the defensive mid role, in the wake of Gonzales and Matt B being called in? It wouldn’t be the first time Klinsmann plays someone out of position in a major tournament.


      • Travis

        Well WCQ is technically part of the overall WC tournament. Also pretty sure Klinsmann coached a little country called Germany back in 06 during that WC, aka a major tournament.


    • DCUffda!

      I think orozco moves to RB, with the addition gonz and bes. Parkhurst has been forgettable.


      • bh Ir

        Someone is moving to right back other than Parkhurst. Now that we know Omar won’t be playing for the USMNT during the El Salvador game, I think Besler will pair with either Goodson or Orozco Fiscal, and the other one will play right back. I agree with you that sometime in the future, maybe during the Gold Cup but almost certainly after the US qualifies for the World Cup, Klinsmann will try Orozco Fiscal and Goodson either at right back or the defensive midfielder.

        The sooner the US qualifies for Brazil, the sooner Klinsmann can turn his attention to getting certain players more playing time together (e.g. Omar and Besler), finding which players can play multiple positions (e.g. Orozco or Goodson at right back), finding solid replacements for all positions (e.g., who is backing up Beasley?), and finding ways to get his best players on the field (e.g., can he get Dempsey, Altidore, Zusi, Donovan, and Herc on the field at the same time?).


  • killerInstinct

    I’m not sure why but I havn’t the last podcast…is anyone else having that problem?


  • Woodchips

    Has Michael Orozco Fiscal ever played outside right defense? Parkhurst and Beltran really haven’t impressed me and Danny Williams has injury/fitness issues and Cherundolo hasn’t been called up to play….so right def. is our biggest question mark? Thoughts?


      • DCUffda!

        I see this has already been covered. Yes, I think that is a distinct possibility. The system that klinsman has installed is much more effective when the backs are involved in the forward play or “fore play”, if you will.


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