Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Adam Moffat


    • Guero

      Their shirt sponsor was bought by a bigger company. That company didn’t want to pick up the sponsorship as it wasn’t consistent with their branding strategy. They did, however, fulfill the payment obligation. So Dynamo got the money even though no name on the shirt.


  • smitty6000

    That’s like the 5th goal he’s had from outside the 18 that looks laser-like. That’s his shot, other than that he’s got little in the way of offense. That said what a volley!


  • Pace

    How many times has he done this? I remember a couple more shots like this for Houston.


    • Grant

      Wow…. is what i heard myself say watching it for the first time… as you guys have said i have to google the rest of his goals. That HAS to be goal of the year!!


  • Jeter

    Moffat has been inconsistent or you could say consistentl poor this year. This game here is the Adam Moffat that showed his class when he was acquired by the Dynamo but was plagued with nagging injuries and inconsistent play since then. Hopefully he can stay the course, right the wrongs, and get the Dynamo back on track (and that goes for everyone on the team fighting demons). Regarding this shot he has performed at least 3 others so I believe his total is at 5? I know for sure he did 2 spectacular shots in Houston during regular MLS play, one during the playoffs against Kansas City, and now these two against the New England Revs. Oh wait! There was another one he did that was also with his left foot against his previous team. He had spoken to the goalie the night before and told him ahead of time to look out and low & behold, he did it and the goalie couldn’t hold on to it. And he rifled another shot in the top corner as well during another game. So what’s that total? 7? I would say that all of his goals have been highlight worthy, amazing!


  • manny rivademar

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw it live. It was amazing. You can count on Moffat for one or two like this per year. Now, if the Orange can just get it going.


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