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Liverpool release third kit

LiverpoolThirdKit20132014 (LiverpoolFC)


You might remember about a month ago when Liverpool released the upcoming season’s away kit.

Well, on Thursday the club revealed their third kit, and let’s just say it’s equally as questionable as the others.

The kit features a three-colored top with purple, white, and black, with the sponsor Standard Chartered and the club crest written in gold.

What do you think of this kit? Looking forward to seeing Liverpool wear this during the season?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Reid

    What world do these designers live in? They should scrap the away and 3rd jersey and just have the keepers kit as the away jersey. Warrior got the home jersey and keepers jersey right and completely failed on the away and 3rd.


  • Neruda

    It’s great to see warrior take risks but why hasn’t anyone from the club reminded them their core color is red? Are they trying to scrap the Liverpool brand and start fresh?


    • Jamie Z.

      Well, I mean, the point of a change strip, especially the third kit, is to have an option that is drastically different from the home kit.

      It doesn’t have to be really ugly, though, and that’s something it might do Warrior some good to be reminded of at some point.


  • Steve

    I mean…..the design is sooooo poor. That seriously cannot be the best that they came up with. You update a classic, not completely overhaul it.


      • The Adjective Police

        the Warrior brand can’t be blamed on the UK, regrettably warrior is straight outta ( the country that houses) Compton


  • Sean Eff

    Everything Warrior has designed is just God awful. As a Liverpool supporter this s*#* is embarassing. These kits are just the cherry on top of the crap sundae that have been the past few years. Thanks JH!!


  • jake

    Is that a University of Maryland football uniform or Maryland flag or something?

    Horrible… just Horrible.


  • AMPhibian

    its weird, especially that horizontal stripe at the throat and sleeve, but i appreciate them trying something different.


  • Old School

    Every image of Liverpools new kits make me want to go out and buy a Trapper Keeper.


  • gtv

    I know I am in the minority, but I like the away and 3rd kits. I especially like the socks on the 3rd kits. Not the standard fare, not a pattern that several other sides will wear versions of as well, and that’s good, IMO.


  • Timmytwoshoezzz

    That 3rd kit is the best thing to come out of Liverpool since four dudes with mop haircuts and their “rock & roll”. The rest, their football club included, has been complete rubbish.


  • Timmytwoshoezzz

    Who am I kidding? Luis Suarez and this shirt totally deserve each other.


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