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Montero moves on loan to Sporting Lisbon

Fredy Montero

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


Fredy Montero’s long awaited transfer to Sporting Lisbon is finally complete.

The Seattle Sounders announced on Monday that Sporting have agreed to sign Montero on loan for the upcoming season, with an option to make the transfer permanent. Montero was reported to have been in Lisbon this past weekend for his medical with Sporting, and it was only a matter of time before the two clubs came to an agreement.

The 25-year-old forward spent the last six months on-loan with Millonarios in Colombia, largely disappointing in their Copa Libertadores campaign earlier in the year but coming on strong towards the end of the season, scoring three goals in his final two games.

In four seasons in Major League Soccer, Montero became the Sounders all time leading goalscorer with 47 in league play and 60 in all competitions. He helped the club win the U.S. Open Cup in three successive seasons.

What do you think of this news? Do you see Montero moving permanently to Europe? Do you believe he can help replace the loss of Ricky Van Wolfswinkel?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I hope he does well. Always thought he was good and never really understood the hate. Other then being jealous of his hair whats not to love?


    • Charles

      Don’t think it was hate, although many were annoyed by the fact that other guys wold run and run and run, and he not as much.
      Loved him though, the Sounders just needed better to win it all, they found it in Martins.


  • Old School

    So…technically he’s still Seattle property?

    This entire situation is ridiculous to follow and I think it’s garbage Seattle will get zero compensation for a potential permanent move, regardless of the reasoning.

    Absolutely hate our system and it’s convoluted structure for a fan.


    • Eric

      Maybe I’ve missed something but I don’t see how this has anything to do with ‘our system’. This seems like a pretty standard loan with option to buy. Those type of deals happen all the time around the world. As for compensation, Seattle might not receive any this year but since there’s an option to buy in the loan deal, the two teams must have already agreed to some sort of future fee which means Seattle will get some compensation in the future if Montero is bought.


      • Old School

        “Maybe I’ve missed something but I don’t see how this has anything to do with ‘our system’.”

        There’s nothing “standard” about “our system”. BTooM elaborates further on what I didn’t have the energy to do so/namely because I thought more people were aware of it.

        Not surprisingly, there are still people who don’t understand it. Not shocking and more validity to what I said.


      • BTooM

        Eric you have missed a lot about the confusing MLS system. Seattle wouldn’t get any compensation in the form of “allocation money” unless the total transfer fee was more the the total compensation of the player during his DP contract. Seattle would still be payed in “cash” if it did not but they could only use that money on soccer related (non-player salary) expenses. Though knowing how MLS rules are, I would suspect Seattle would still not get all of transfer fee money (MLS is bound to skim a bit off the top)


    • Charles

      Funny how the owners that would actually get the money from a transfer are fine with the system, but bloggers who have almost nothing to do with it, are hopping mad.

      ps. I think they do get allocation money, which is WAY better than cash, because they have to spend it for it to be useful ( not pocket it like a mid level EPL team )


  • g-dub

    Unless Sounders make MLS cup this year, off-loading Freddy will go down in history as a very bad move.


      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

        Yeah, but I think you miss the point. Imagine how much better they’d be in the regular season with him.


      • Pingunça

        No,.. SSFC are not that far off what they’ve done -on average- over the past four seasons. I believe we’ll go further without him


  • divers suck

    Estádio José Alvalade is a fantastic urban venue with Lisbon fanatic fans that Fredy Montero should embrace! The old teen stomping grounds of Christiano Ronaldo…I wish the best for him!


  • Lee Desta

    I don’t think Sigi ever took to him personally. I wish him well. He showed moments when he looked as if he was maturing on and off the field.


  • DC Josh

    The kid is talented. I hope he makes strides and breaks into the starting XI over there. Traditionally, Sporting Lisbon is a powerhouse, but how have they stacked up recently in the Portuguese Liga?


    • Dudester

      They haven’t finished ahead of Braga, the fourth club of Portugal, for two seasons.They haven’t been close to Porto or Benfica for even longer.They have a decent midfield but very young forward group.Fredy should get plenty of time.


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