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Napoli reveal "camo fight" away kit

NapoliAwayJersey2013_2014 (SSCNapoli)


Napoli President Aurelio de Laurentiis hasn’t been shy about spending money on new players, or his public persona on Twitter and social media.

But his team’s perception to the world will be put to the test when Napoli shows up for road matches this season wearing their 2013/2014 away jerseys, which is what the club calls “camo fight.”

The design is set to model the camouflage worn by soldiers, with everything else about their regular home and third kit the same, including placements of the main sponsor Lete and the club crest on the left side of the shirt.

What do you think of this jersey? Do you see people buying it? Would you buy it?

Share your thoughts below.

  • TheFrenchOne

    let me just say that I have no military background, i am not a hunter, and i don’t watch Duck Dynasty. but i think that jersey is pretty sweet. very different, for sure


  • Aguinaga

    Oh damn that’s pimp! Sick. Expect to see this in the clubs and on stages haha


  • Jay

    That’s one pimp kit. MLS should make kits like this to set themselves apart. Nothing crazy but different like this. I’d buy this and I never buy jerseys.


    • Hogatroge

      I’m not a huge fan of camo, but the juxtaposition of the old-school, traditional green-on-green camo with the light blue is actually pretty sick!

      Totally agree that MLS needs to start getting more original kits. There are many more possibilities out there than just occasionally making a third kit based off a state flag.

      You’d think at this point that the league could make more money by allowing squads to negotiate their own contracts for kit suppliers.


      • kev2

        MLS tried the “original kit” thing in the 90’s and man, were those “modern” outfits ugly.


    • Hogatroge

      In total agreement about the MLS kits.

      It’s time to let clubs pick their own kit manufacturers. Keep a smaller scale contract between the league for MLS league gear and for teams that aren’t able to negotiate a deal with another manufacturer in time.


      • Josh D

        That will be a VERY tough conversation when that day comes. ADIDAS helped foot MLS’ bill for years and without that contract, MLS wouldn’t be around today.

        While it would be nice to see others coming in and bidding for jerseys, Garber needs to walk that line carefully. No point in shooting that lucrative deal in the foot just yet.


  • Jason

    No…almost as bad as that all camo jaguar Mo Edu posted a pic of a while back.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    I hope Western Europeans clubs having two sponsors on the kit doesn’t become a thing like you see in other leagues.


  • Adam M.

    Another example of a great soccer jersey runied by the huge sponsor logos. This is why I don’t buy club shirts. I know all the arguments why the sponsor(s) have to be there, but there is something off when the club logo is the smallest logo on the shirt. I rather save $100 and buy a t-shirt if I want clothes to reflect my fandom.


    • Frank

      That’s the reason I haven’t replaced my Crew jersey…I got mine before they had a jersey sponsor.


  • Scott

    I wouldn’t want to give Italian ultras a stronger sense of “militancy. “


    • Good Jeremy

      As your namesake I disagree with your douchey comment. I’m pretty sure you are trolling but you got me.

      Contrary to modern belief, the US did not invent war, or even camouflage!
      In fact, right now, at this very moment, there are other countries who also have militaries! And they even wear camouflage!

      PS- The US military has never worn the camo pattern on that jersey.


      • Good Jeremy

        because we are all corporatey and evil halliburton Iraq!


      • Joe

        Do you realize where the Roman Empire was?

        Or that Italy has compulsory military service for their citizens?

        but, yeah, without the US the Italians wouldn’t know about what a military is.


  • Dr. Truth

    Why is it cut like woman’s dress? Other than that, I like it. It would look good on a 100 pound ‘Talian spinner or something…


  • byob el paso tx

    USA nats should go for this look as a second kit. I always said it…………


  • RobStyles

    I think this kit is awesome! I’ve said for a long time that a team should go for a camo shirt as a 3rd alternate, even tried pushing it for a youth team that I coached for several years. Any word on the shorts and socks that will be worn with it? Absolutely love it! Being that my fam is from Naples I’m going to love rocking it even more!


  • Matt Rasmussen

    I could care less about Napoli so they can do whatever they want but camo is dumb outside of the military and hunting. The NCAA basketball games on aircraft carriers had camo jerseys that weren’t terrible and made sense given the location but they didn’t use them the rest of the season. USA Today link


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