New York Cosmos

NYC Senegal to meet NYC France in Cosmos Copa Final



After a grueling two games in two days, the Cosmos Copa final is set.

NYC France will meet NYC Senegal for the Cosmos Copa Championship on Sunday at Icahn Stadium at Randalls Island, New York. It’s the second time in three years that the Senegal squad will be represented in the final, while it’s the first ever championship match appearance for NYC France.

Despite needing to qualify for the group stage, France had no problems in the knockout stages, as they breezed past NYC Italy, 5-0, in the quarterfinals and NYC Greece, 2-0, in the semifinals. Senegal weren’t nearly as dominant, needing a late winner to defeat NYC Bolivia and then holding off ten-man NYC Gambia, 1-0, to earn a place in the finals.

One player to watch out for is NYC France forward Sylvain Willot, who scored five goals for his side, including a hat-trick on Saturday against NYC Italy.

Here’s a roundup of this past weekend’s Cosmos Copa action:

QUARTERFINALS – Saturday, July 20

NYC Greece 4, NYC USA 1
NYC France 5, NYC Italy 0
NYC Poland 1, NYC Gambia 1 (3-4 PKs)
NYC Senegal 2, NYC Bolivia 1

SEMIFINALS – Sunday, July 21

NYC France 2, NYC Greece 0
NYC Senegal 1, NYC Gambia 0


  • TheFrenchOne

    ok, i’ll bite the bullet and confess that i don’t know what this is. i guess i could google it and get info, but would rather hear from some informed SBI readers. Is this semi-pro level?


    • Beto

      Its all ameture new yorkers from various nations.. maybe a few former pro’s too

      Pretty cool way to kick off a team in an international city like NYC


    • Ando

      Its annual NYC tourney based on the world cup. Most players are amateurs, aka the top local rec leagues’ players and ex-college players, but some say a couple semipros do play.


  • Bean

    This is just a fun tournament. It brings you back to the old days of national pride for the country of origin for immigrants.


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