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TFC sign Spanish winger Rey

AlvaroReyXerez1 (PortalCadista)


Looking to upgrade their midfield, Toronto FC have dipped into Europe once more to sign a new player.

TFC announced on Thursday the signing of Alvaro Rey, a Spanish winger who most recently played with Xerez in the Spanish second division. According to reports in Spain, Rey has signed a two-year contract with the Canadian MLS club. The 24-year-old will be eligible to play as soon as he receives his International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

“Alvaro trained with the team for several weeks last month, and played in a reserve match with us against Montreal,” Toronto FC General Manager Kevin Payne said in a statement. “He’s very technical and quick, and is good at taking on defenders. He offers something different than we typically see in MLS and we think he’ll help our team become more dangerous.”

Last season at Xerez, Rey played in 28 matches, scoring three goals but also earning eight yellow cards and two red cards. In the TFC reserve league match against the Montreal Impact in June, Rey started and played 73 minutes before being substituted.

What do you think of this news? Do you expect Rey to step into the starting lineup?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dinho

    I mean this in the most respectful way, honestly, who cares about this signing.


      • OPMG

        That’s the first thing I looked for. MLS transfers are slowly getting better, at least we’re not getting guys that are 36 yrs old as much anymore.


    • slowleftarm

      I’m sure TFC fans care. What else should they be reporting about? Glad to see this info instead of another story about Hempstead Cosmos.


    • No

      I mean this with all disrespect; if you don’t care, why comment Because nobody really cares about your commentary.


      • slowleftarm

        I’m sure TFC fans care. What else should they be reporting about? Glad to see this info instead of another story about Hempstead Cosmos.


  • Charlie Fiction

    INTERNET 101: Starting a sentence with, “I mean this in the most respectful way,” almost guarantees that the writer is going to be a complete jackass in the clause that follows. [SEE ALSO: ending a sentence with “just saying.”]


    • brent

      does that include yourself then? I think you just demonstrated the blind-spot of human beings, just saying.


  • Bigby

    As I recall, he did provide nice service to the forwards in the Reserve game, and I believe that he assisted on Koovs goal in that game. Toronto needs wingers, so this may be a good signing. Can’t be worse than the current options…


  • DC Josh

    A warning to Toronto FC supporters:

    Kevin Payne does not know what he is doing with international players. Ever since Emilio and Christian Gomez, all of his international signings have been busts.


    • Red I

      I think the parameters he is required to work within are wayyyy different than what it was in DC – ownership has ridiculous amounts of money, and he has full license to seek out whoever he wants, and MLSE will be willing to pay for them; there has already been some swing and miss players earlier this year, but since they were loanees, no harm no foul, plus additions of Laba, Caldwell and Earnshaw have been really good so far, and getting Convey is starting like a solid move as he is finally rounding into good form… he may have learned from some of those decisions in DC you speak of… still has a ways to go though, but mostly due to the minefield he was handed


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