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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez, Giovani Dos Santos


Manchester City and Bayern Munich will open today’s soccer action when they face SuperSport United and Hansa Rostock, respectively, in a couple friendly preseason matches.

Manchester City’s match with SuperSport United will be the first for the club since departing with Italian manager Roberto Mancini and hiring Chilean manager Manuel Pellegrini. The match will also likely feature City’s new signings Jesus Navas and Fernandinho.

Later, the focus will switch to the Gold Cup, where the final matches of Group A will be played out.

First, Panama will face Canada, with Martinique vs. Mexico to follow. With Panama having already clinched a spot in the knockout rounds, and Canada having been mathematically eliminated, all of the focus will shift to the later match, where both Martinique and Mexico will battle it out for the advancing point(s).

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):



9am – beIN Sport – SuperSport United vs. Manchester City

10:50am – GolTV – Bayern Munich vs. Hansa Rostock

3:30pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Panama vs. Canada – Gold Cup

6pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Martinique vs. Mexico – Gold Cup

7pm – MLS Direct Kick – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Chicago Fire

  • dikranovich

    actually Canada is not eliminated yet. surely they could earn three points today against panama and still pick up one of the two third place spots. the interesting matchup is Martinique and mexico, because a third place finish in this group for mexico would pit them vs the first place winner from group C, which just so happens to be the USA group.


  • AzTeXan

    Ives, put more than 4 blog on a page for fukcs sake. All of yesterdays games are already on page 3/4. Get your shti together.


    • TomM

      I imagine your comment was not moderated to allow the deserved flurry of s**t that’s about to come your way.


    • Mig

      Wow, if we rephrase your post in adult terms it is a fair request, I suppose.. Try this next time:

      Hey Ives, since there is so much more content on this site now, posts are rolling onto extra pages very quickly. I think it would be better if there were more posts visible without having to click through to another page. And yes, I realize that this will slow the load time but I think it would be worth it.. Maybe a poll to see what the regular readers think?

      See how that is actually useful?


      • D

        What is this France now! Brute force and ignorance is how get it done in these parts!


      • Mig

        Well, France won the U20 World Cup yesterday and it IS Bastille day. Just trying to be a citizen of the world.


      • biff

        True, in adult terms it would be a fair request. It is irritating only having four stories on each page. I would like to see a link that would load a page with only headlines like the “Top Headlines” at the top of the Home Page, but with maybe 20 or 30 or 50 headlines per page to make it easier to go back and find older stories. Should not be very hard for the Webmaster to set up a page like that.


    • Brett

      You guys complaining about having to find older posts are missing the point of writing a blog.

      He WANTS you to click from page to page to find stories. Over and over and over again. That’s how blogs show advertisers they deserve to get paid.


      • Mensrea

        I am a loyal (4x/day for years) reader, but the flip side of this is bloggers need to provide a good blog or people won’t come. 4 stories/page is annoying as heck and I’m not going to click through to find something when I know it’s a clicks ploy.


  • Aero

    It is very easy simply to click on the “older posts” tab at the bottom of each page to see what’s there…


  • biff

    Was just reading piece by Brian Straus, yes The Brian Straus, at his new employer, SI, and he mentioned something very interesting that I was not aware of. When Jozy was at Hull and did the headbutt on Alan Hutton in 2010, Hutton was playing at Sunderland. And I just looked and did not realize that Hutton is still in the PL and playing right back at Aston Villa. And I will say that if you look at the video of incident between Jozy and Hutton, I do not blame Jozy one bit. Hutton’s bouncing the ball off Jozy in mind has certain types of undertones and it is understandable that Jozy would lose it and hit back. Will be interesting when Sunderland plays Aston Villa.


  • Hopper

    Wow! Lookie at that tremendous crowd in Denver for Canada v. Panama!

    How exactly does Concacaf make money from the Gold Cup again?


    • Chupacabra

      Mexico fans bought all the tickets. They’ll show up at beer o’clock.


      • RB

        They’re here now, I can tell you. They’re making a hell of a lot of noise for their numbers.


    • AcidBurn

      Did you see the crowd for CR vs Belize yesterday? 98% of the US fans left.
      Actually smart by concacaf, selling two games in a package to increase attendance.


  • wfrw07

    Canada could play continuous soccer for the rest of time and not score a goal.


    • Mig

      Hyperbole? Yes. But you’re not far off. I’m 49 and I am not certain I’ll see them score a goal from Canada in a competitive match. Sad, really.


  • Coco

    if there’s one thing this tournament shows its that Americans should not be announcing soccer matches. Truly horrible commentating.

    memo to FOX – hire some Brits next time.


      • Coco

        Glenn Davis is not a good soccer announcer. His catch phrase for a goal “it’s in the net! it’s in the net!” is amateur.

        It’s not just his goal call its everything else. He constantly tries to get into a conversation with the other commentator. He’s lousy.


      • Coco

        horrible . Just horrible.

        I was watching the LAG Portland game last night and i had to mute it. At one point Strong turns to Martino and asks him his opinion on Nagbe’s season. This leads to a 5 minute conversation between Martino and Strong about Nagbe and Portland timbers.

        This is not how you commentate a soccer match. This conversation is best left for pre or post game. You would never hear Martin Tyler ask his partner his opinion on Ryan Giggs season so far and then let the commentator go on a long winded response and thus abdicating his commentator duties. Why is the play by play asking the color commentator these questions at all?

        Americans just cannot announce a soccer match. There is this incessant need to get into banter mode that probably comes from most of these announcers beginning their careers announcing other American sports.


    • YO

      Prefer them to Moreno and the other idiots ESPN hired for some of the games they cover.


  • Dudester

    According to the English paper “the times” Sunderland are looking at former Barca stk Maxi Lopez.Considering they already have Danny Graham which they paid 5 mill £ just last January.Leading scorer Steven Fletcher and are looking at other strikers, it seems Jozy will not walk onto their first 11 like many of us have suggested.


    • jones

      Good – I’m sure he will work hard and earn his spot. I think he has matured enough to not let this kind of situation frustrate him as it has at times in the past.

      Go Jozy!


      • Dudester

        If he claims a starting spot he will be the better for it IMO.


    • Rich

      As a Fire fan, Camilo made me want to cry yesterday. He just ate our back line alive. As a soccer fan I just marvel at what he was able to do. My high school students would describe those two goals as “sick”. I agree!


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