U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT 4, Cuba 1: Match Highlights

Landon Donovan

  • Goalscorer24

    Gooch is like a bull in a china shop… penalty waiting to happen. Castillo has some attacking skills but is a defensive liability. (He should be a midfield player only)


    • futbolisimo

      Yeah, I don’t know if he should even be on the field. Castillo’s inability simply to prevent the Cuban attacker from getting inside on the first goal is so fundamental. I just can’t see a player like Castillo in Brazil next year… On a positive note, Jose Torres is great. Been a fan since day one. Every time he gets the ball you can see the problem-solving wheels turning. Fantastic player. Beautiful, intelligent left foot.


  • Adrian Go Jaguars!

    I LOVE how the commentator refered to it as the end of the football game. ❤ 🙂 Great Game!


  • Dc

    So, Wynalda gets paid for making snide and arrogant comments after every play? What a way to make a living.


  • RV

    I am assuming that is Gus Johnson and if it is that man could announce a person putting on socks and make it sound interesting.


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