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Arriola scores first goal for Tijuana

PaulArriola (Getty)


On Saturday night, Club Tijuana midfielder Paul Arriola had a moment he will never forget.

Arriving at the top of the box in the 88th minute, Arriola scored his first ever professional goal, calmly placing a ball past Monterrey goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco. The goal was a huge one at that moment for Xolos, who thought they had saved a point against a tough opponent.

Unfortunately for them, Rayados striker Humberto Suazo scored on a flying header just seconds later, giving Monterrey a 2-1 victory. However, Arriola’s debut season with Xolos continues to see him improve and see more playing time.

Here’s a video of the goal, after the jump: (goal begins at 5:35)

  • ChrisTheLSUTIger

    When is Castillo going to start performing like that for the national team?


    • David

      castillo had the assist on arriola’s goal.

      castillo, during the bosnia game, also took on two players before being fouled. that foul set up the free kick for jozy’s goal.


    • Snaves

      When Fabian Johnson stops playing so well on the left wing. Castillo is a much better attacker than he is defender. But Johnson has a far more complete game than Castillo does. Considering Johnson has assisted Jozy the last three games in a row, I’d say Klinsmann would like to see Fabian continue to hold that spot down.


      • MikeG

        If we can only convince JK to keep FJohnson at LW..not sure he values our input.


  • Jeff carter

    He’s dynamic as hell. If the WC squad were to be picked today, I’d guess that Corona or Bedoya would make the cut. Assuming he still gets PT at TJ, I think Arriola can throw his hat in the ring as a wing option. Yes, he’s super young and inexperienced, and has a whopping 4 games of pro experience, but he has a skill set that not many others have in the pool now.


  • biff

    Yep, that is a great assist from Edgar on Arriola’s goal. Castillo, IMO, has been generally solid for the USMNT. Not sure why some fans like to give him so much grief. I think chances are very good he will be on the WC 2014 roster and, at the very least, will be a top sub.


    • Alex

      Probably because he has more often than not played LB for the USMNT and has been, without debate, a defensive liability. He’s even come out and said that he’s not a good defender. He’s good going forward, but for whatever reason, Jurgen only sees him as an LB, and he has hurt us more than helped us in that spot. That’s why he’s gotten grief.


      • Lil' Zeke

        What happens to your credibility when you chime-in on a debate with the assertion there’s no debate?


    • slowleftarm

      Disagree. Castillo has been reliably awful at LB and has no business playing there for the USMNT based on those performances. I’d even prefer Beasley, who is not a natural LB by any stretch.


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    • Benjamin

      Arriola, Agudelo, Doyle . . . all young Americans that scored lovely goals this weekend in the Western Hemisphere. Arriola and Doyle, clinical finishes; Agudelo, breathtakingly creative chip. Two thumbs up.


  • WK

    The Xolos goalie is usually pretty sound, but he looked ridiculous flailing on that diving attempt.


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