Konami releases new PES 2014 trailer


  • zztoppppp

    Does anyone actually play PES??? I’ve honestly never heard of anyone who does, and when I have asked people about it many of them have never heard of the game at all.


    • Brett

      In the states it used to be called “Winning Eleven” so if your friends are from America they’ve probably only seen it under that name.


      • omid

        Pes is more realistic
        every body in Iran play PES
        Fifa’s graphic is terrible But other parts is perfect.and they should make it better .


  • Brett

    There was a period were PES/WE was head and shoulders better than FIFA.

    Those days are gone, and Konami is still playing catch up. The animation system needs complete reworking because it looks so inferior to FIFA’s locomotive animation system.


    • HoboMike

      Actually, PES has slightly better gameplay (more realistic).

      The issue is (at least for me) twofold: (1) they still don’t have all of the licenses that FIFA has, and (2) so many more people play FIFA online. It’s like a 98/2 split.


    • Brian

      If FIFA was produced by a company other than EA I would be more inclined to play it. It seems every EA game I pick up these days has a debilitating bug that causes me to put the game down and never pick it back up. FIFA 13 would freeze at random points in career mode which basically ended your career, and EA never fixed it.


      • Ceez

        Name another company besides EA who could put out a product like FIFA with all of its redeeming qualities intact. Only then can I ride with you.


  • Jos

    PES may as well be called “UEFA Champions League 13-14.” That seems to be its only redeeming quality.


    • Tyler

      Heaven forbid EA pony up and purchase the rights to it. PES would likely fall off the face of the earth.


  • Oog

    It used to be better, a lot better. But FIFA has upped the game and PES doesn’t stand a chance.


    • OSUExtemp

      Unlikely. It would probably be prohibitively expensive for EA to secure exclusive rights for enough of the leagues. As long as PES can maintain a couple of elite soccer leagues, it will remain serviceable in the English market, while maintain it’s strengthen in Asia.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I’m not a gamer but want to be. My kids (7 and 5) have a Wi but i’m not sure that’s gaming, lol. Based on what I have seen in TV ads, the PES looks better then FIFA. Is that possible?


    • Riggity21

      I would say that FIFA is better. I know they have (in the past) had many more leagues and clubs in FIFA because EA was able to secure the exclusive licensing for many of the top leagues. I have been playing FIFA for a decade and IMO, it’s the greatest sport game running. I’m sure the sales back my statement up.


      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

        Does it matter what system I play on? We have FIFA13 n Wii and it’s not that east to grasp. Or am I too old? lol.


      • Bobb

        You want to get a 360. The third party games they make for the Wii and WiiU are garbage. Xbox360/PS3 are more powerful and very similar to each other in terms of abilities, so companies can make one version for both, which means they put more effort into that. Nintendo is for kids so they get the lazy badly done version with half the features.


      • Rory

        That said the World Cup 2010 game for the Wii was a lot of fun. The regular FIFA games for the wii are not as good as there is no career mode. I bought a 360 simply so I could play fifa career mode (where you can run a team for 15 seasons, make the roster moves, scout kids for your academy, etc.
        I used to sim almost all of the games and just do the manager stuff and it was entertaining enough to do that.


      • Dante

        Sales doesn’t mean it’s the better game. That just means the sheep will buy it. PES was the superior game for awhile before EA got its act together and copied PES’ game play.

        Now, who cares who’s better? If you’re that loyal to a company then you have some serious problems.


      • Ceez

        It makes me cringe when some people say sales don’t matter and then talk about those who buy the product as some lowly, mindless “sheep”…simply because they bought the better product. I get the nonconformist spirit runs very high in PES followers but come on, let’s get real! I have played both PES and FIFA. PES has nothing on FIFA. Maybe you can cut better with the ball on PES and PES’s offline mode is actually pretty good but the game in itself is inferior to FIFA.

        A product, ANY product in ANY industry, doesn’t just magically generate sales because we’re all sheep who know nothing better than to buy into it. A product generates sales because it is a consistently high quality product. Period.

        I’ve been stuck on PES for a week or two on occasion but I always default back to FIFA as my go-to game. It’s just simply better and more innovative.



  • Ryan S.

    Anybody remember International Superstar Soccer (ISS) on the N64? Those were good games.


    • YesItsNate

      That was my ISH back in the day. I don’t want to reveal too much geekdom and get hard core into some ISS talk


  • jloome

    I’ve played both on and off for 20 years, since Fifa International Soccer back in ’93.

    PES has markedly more realistic gameplay, more like soccer, better (and more realistic) player control and players that look like humans.

    FIFA has better animations and all the licenses (and pretty decent gameplay, except in career mode).

    I gave up on Fifa 13 for a few reasons, but mainly PES this year is just more fun.


  • Scruff

    Seems like fifa has taken over PES’ hold in europe but im pretty sure this is all they play in japan


  • Insertnamehere

    I remember when I first played PES and wanted to play online and no one was ever there. The US team really wasn’t the US team. What a deception…


  • Adam

    PES has the market in South America and Asia actually tbh. In fact I do believe PES 2013 was actually the best selling game down there. It also has great offline modes, the online actually isn’t as diabolical as it used to be and in my opinion looks better.

    Oh, yeah no licenses. Get an option file, aha. I’ve had the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 MLS, Championship, Segunda Division and the Serie B all in my game at one point or another with very little work on my part. 😛

    FIFA has Europe (and because they have Europe) and North America. With the Bundesliga and Premier League being the big licenses that FIFA has over PES. And like I said with very minimal effort you can get the Championship, PL and Bundesliga all in PES 2013 with an option file.

    Still preferences are hard to change. FIFA isn’t a bad game, but it’s stagnated quite a bit.


    • Brett

      The Asian market is a given. PES is a Japanese game and so focuses very much on the experiences and atmosphere in that league. Where Japan goes in gaming, Korea goes, and those are the cornerstones of the Asian gaming community. As a game it has a more arcade experience. Players respond to the ball as enemies would to the player in a shooter. The calculations are performed and then the AI executes the appropriate action. The faster pace feels at odds with the game of football itself.

      FIFA’s engine is different. It’s procedural, physics based. Even with its flaws, it is more fun to play. The ball is an entity and each player responds to it (or on an individual AI). Sometimes this means that the game scripts the AI in advance and takes control because EA overshot a bit technically with the current generation, but in the next gen you’ll see these calculations performed quicker and with higher accuracy to allow for more outcomes and more player freedom.

      PES allows you to edit the game more than FIFA, but that’s a workaround I was never happy with. You say it took not a lot of work on your part, which means that you waited for someone else to do it and hoped that they did a good enough job that it improved your gaming experience. If you had tried to do it yourself, you’re looking at a significant time investment just to make the game enjoyable.

      I tried about a dozen different custom option files that i copied to my save folder from a flash drive and none of them were great. If the names were right the badges were wrong. If the badges were great, they messed up half the rosters.

      As a USA fan, I always buy FIFA because I don’t want to play with Landon Dotan and Clint Dewlay. As a football gaming fan, I live to compete against other people, and so I always buy FIFA. Even with an online community of a few thousand, it’s still very hard to pick up PES and find a match when I know I have to leave the house in a half-hour. It’s a much bigger part of the game to me than competing against a scripted AI, which is what 90% of the feature set PES/WE offers.


  • Mecra

    FIFA is pretty good, but I prefer PES. It’s more realistic, and thus fun, and it’s 10 times easier to navigate. The only thing I would say it needs help with is the goal celebrations.


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