SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Today

Landon Donovan


It is that time again. Time to talk all things soccer in the latest installment of The SBI Live Q&A.

I am back from my vacation in Peru and ready to talk everything from the U.S. Men’s National Team to MLS to international soccer, so join me at 1pm today and I will take questions on these subjects and more.

Join me at 1pm and have your questions ready.

See you all then.


  • Todd

    Ives, since you were on vacation, I missed your analysis on the amazing comeback on the US victory against Bosnia. Can you please provide some analysis as to what the game meant to the growth of the program, and how the team’s current form will carryover into the next 2 World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and Mexico? Do you also think the US will finally get a win in Costa Rica? Thank you very much, and keep up the amazing work.


    • AcidBurn

      Welcome back, Ives and hope you had a good trip to Peru.

      I would also appreciate to hear your take on the Bosnia game, even though it is a few weeks ago. Maybe a few minutes on the next sbi show?


  • Nate Dollars

    obviously, the most pressing question of the past couple of weeks:

    can we please revert the comment order back to oldest-to-newest, or at least make it an option?



    • THomas

      Regardless if I know the location of the poster, post, etc. If it’s not specified, I automatically assume it’s ET.


    • CJinOC

      I jokingly made a comment about this before–and I think I wasn’t the only one since right when I did during a Live Q&A way back when, it drew a comment from Ives that most people that read his site regularly know that his site posts EDT unless otherwise stated. I’m paraphrasing, of course.


  • Jacknut

    Do you think Jozy is now the focal point of the attack? If so, how will Donovan and Dempsey have to modify their game to support Jozy?


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