SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (Aug. 29th Edition)

LandonDonovanLAGalaxy1-RealSaltLake (AP)


With World Cup qualifying set to resume next week, and the MLS season moving toward the playoff chase, it is time to catch up on all topics in the soccer world in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

I will be fielding questions for the next hour or so on a wide range of topics. Have a USMNT question? Want to talk MLS? Curious about the European transfer window, or even the upcoming college season? Get your questions ready and I will try to answer as many as I can over the course of the next hour or two.

Join me for the SBI Live Q&A after the jump:




  • Adi from Oregon

    Machu Picchu is indeed a fantastic site!! How did you handle the high altitude conditions at Machu Picchu and other very high Peru elevations?


  • John

    I like Dempsey and I am so glad he is able to comfortable support his family but I believe MLS (9 million transfer fee) and Seattle (5.5 million annually) were outdone on the business end of this deal. Any thoughts?


  • Nate Dollars

    wait, old school’s been banned? wondered where he went.

    if we can lobby for his reinstatement, i’d like to. we may not have usually seen eye-to-eye, but he always seemed like an intelligent and respectful commenter.


  • Juice

    Oh yeah… Old School. He had to go, very annoying and didn’t add anything to the discussion.


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