SBI unveils new logo



After more than five years, Soccer By Ives is undergoing some changes to the identity of the site you have come to know over the years. As you know, SBI underwent a re-design last year, and now we are on the verge of the next steps in our evolution as a soccer news website.

Above is our new SBI identity, a logo designed in conjunction with Rich Levy and Skye Dillon. Levy is a veteran of the American soccer community, having served as the original creative director for MLS during the league’s formative years before launching 343RLP+ creative group. Among his design work is the All-Star trophy, the current MLS logo and team logos for teams ranging from Toronto FC to the Houston Dynamo to Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas.

Dillon, a branding expert in the greater New York City area, has had the opportunity to create premier sport identity initiatives since 2004. Dillon and Levy also worked on the new name and number designs for all MLS uniforms for the 2013 season.

After a year of working on the design for the new SBI logo, we have come up with a look that incorporates our original logo look with an updated and more modern take on the ideas behind SBI’s mission, which is to bring you the world of soccer with an American voice.


    • Neruda

      This strong work from levy and dillon. 343 does good work but that RSL shield is a stain on a solid record and I’m an RSL fan. They did right by you though.


      • Bobb

        Eh, RSL just needs to use the crest that says RSL instead of Real Salt Lake. The overall design is good.


      • Kosh

        Thank you for taking this rorschach test.

        Logo looks pretty nice there, eh? I like it Ives. Keep up the great work.


  • MN Footie


    — Lame SBI Commenters

    Seriously, though, great new logo. Very clean. Keep it up, Ives. You’re the best in the business.


    • HoboMike

      Not necessarily comments by lame posters.

      I will say that I complain about it from time to time on the simple fact that I’m not able to use actual soccer terms on a soccer blog post (p@ss, @ssist, etc.) while schmucks can have handles like Rimjob.


      • Ives Galarcep

        That’s the next thing we’re looking to address. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and people can pass and assist all day long in the comments. LOL.


      • HoboMike

        Gasp! You can do it!

        I really appreciate you mentioning it, Ives. Maybe me and Old School can get off your back now?


      • Travis

        Ives just flaunting his ability to use proper terms there, im jealous


      • DCU fan in socal

        Remove the earth part… as you do not cover world soccer news…Chucho is not important enough to report huh…

        Chucho Benitez, you will be greatly missed…


      • Bean

        It was reported on this site, and there was much participation in the comments below the announcement.


      • Ives Galarcep

        We did report on Chucho Benitez. You must have missed it.


      • Tyrone

        Ives, was wondering if you noticed how the bottom part of the logo looks like something, well, beach-y…


    • Mike

      I was thinking the same thing, love the new logo Ives. Do you have any plans to market any t-shirts, sweatshirts etc with the new logo? Might be able to make a little $ on the side. I’d buy one to support the site your the best in the business keep up the good work.


      • IndyBrian

        We need a version of the “SBI Mafia” t-shirt, I’d definitely buy one.


  • IndyBrian

    Looks awesome Ives, great logo and best soccer news site there is. Any preview or write-up on the Chelsea/Inter game tonight here in Indy? The city is amped for the game, should be a great night!


  • slowleftarm

    Nice logo and awesome site Ives. Thanks for providing this forum. Since I discovered the site about a year ago, it’s the first place I go for soccer news and the site never disappoints.


  • Kodi

    Love the logo. Noticed it first thing when I went to the site. I agree with everyone on the great work here. I started reading the site about 3 or 4 years ago. Now I check it 4-6 times a day…..including at least once a day on the smart phone at work in the bathroom.


  • El Paso tx

    Congrats Ives,now MLS needs to work on theirs and maybe a new league name as well. Some MLS teams like crew, dc, earthquakes and revolution need to work on their crest ASAP. Crew needs new name and crest


  • TD


    Congratulations on the success of this website and your overall SBI business. I moved to Canada for work purposes about 10 years ago from Jersey. I used to read stuff you wrote on-line in the Star-Ledger or some other paper. I enjoyed the quality of your writing, the thoroughness of your reporting, and most of all, the realistic perspective you had about where the beautiful game stood in the American portfolio of professional sports. When you announced that you were going out on your own, I was quite excited for you –started a company here myself so I can empathize with the decision. Like MLS, it appears you are on your way up with your business. Keep up the great work and thanks. Your output makes my day a little better.


  • Fan Futbol

    There’s this famous drawing that looks like a young woman from one angle and an old crone from another. New logo should have been a drawing that looks like either a soccer ball or lomo saltado, depending on your point of view.


  • BrianK


    Congrats on the new logo. It looks great.

    The site is excellent and it is good to see you are continually moving it forward. The spirit of American business. Best of luck with the continued growth!


  • Tom

    Congrats on the improvements…here’s my humble suggestions for three more: a mobile site, newest comments at top instead of bottom (like MLS website), a magic wand to ensure we beat Ghana in a god damn world cup.
    Keep up the good work…don’t stop improving.


  • smitty6000

    Will you have a throwback week? Already ready to buy that classic SBI throwback jersey


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