SBI MLS Team of the Week

SBI MLS Team of the Week: Los Angeles Galaxy

GyasiZardesLAGalaxy2-RealSaltLake (AP)


With the first-placed team in town, the Los Angeles Galaxy stepped up to the opposition and produced and champion-like caliber performance.

The Galaxy defeated Real Salt Lake, 4-2, on Saturday evening, with Robbie Keane proving lethal, scoring a hat-trick of goals from the run of play to take down the Western Conference leaders. Omar Gonzalez, who recently signed a new contract to become the first ever American defender as a designated player, scored from a corner kick as well. The Galaxy’s performance earned them SBI MLS Team of the Week honors.

The Galaxy beat out the Houston Dynamo, San Jose Earthquakes, and Colorado Rapids to take this week’s honors.

What did you think of the Galaxy’s performance on Saturday? Which team stood out to you in MLS Week 25?

Share your thoughts below.

  • soccerhorn

    We’ll take the convincing win over the first place team. But please, you can keep the hideous third kit.


  • alocksley

    Not sure the Zardes on the wing experiment is working out, but the attack went mostly right up the middle. This team is just starting to heat up. I sense a run here.


    • bottlcaps

      It seems the inconsistent Galaxy sometimes takes over from the clockwork Galaxy. I think the ugly jerseys provide a distraction on the other team leading to the Galaxy scoring more goals.
      I think the fans must remember that this is one of the only times where a fully fir LD and Robbie Keane are back with the Galaxy, that is in itself pretty remarkable.

      I think Bruce Arena wants to keep Zardes on the field as he is a talent, unrealized, but a talent nonetheless. He has to make way for the dynamic duo of LD and RK upfront and after missing a ton of close-in shots on goal and has Bruce Arena losing hair, he has been relegated to a winger to take advantage of his speed and agility..


  • Soccerhorn

    When Zardes shoots he looks like a kid that’s been blindfolded and spun around three times and told to go pin the tail on the donkey. He misses the mark by a dozen yards; everybody laughs. Still, compared to Rogers he’s an improvement. He’s just as fast, he’s bigger and stronger, and unlike Rogers, he’ll track back, even if he doesn’t know what to do once he gets there. Anybody notice that Rogers hasn’t even been in the 18 for the last two matches? No? I rest my case.


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