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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

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The final five places for the UEFA Champions League group stage are up for grabs on Wednesday as AC Milan hosts PSV Eindhoven in the highlight of the afternoon.

Both squads drew, 1-1, in Holland last Tuesday, giving the Italian side an advantage on away goals heading into the second-leg of the Champions League play-off round. Milan will have to pick up their game after they suffered a stunning 2-1 defeat in their Serie A opener on Saturday to Hellas Verona. PSV are expected to have healthy their exciting youngster Zakaria Bakkali, who could make an appearance off the bench.

Also in Champions League action, Celtic hope to make up a two-goal deficit when they host Shakhter Karagandy, Real Sociedad stands 90 minutes from their first group stage appearance in ten years when they host Lyon, and Zenit hosts Paços de Ferreira.

In Spain, Barcelona host Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup, with the aggregate level at 1-1. In England, the second round of the Capital One Cup continues with a match between Everton and Stevenage highlighting the day. And in the evening, the CONCACAF Champions League takes center stage with the San Jose Earthquakes playing Guatemalan side Heredia.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

12pm – Zenit vs. Paços de Ferreira – Fox Deportes/Fox Soccer Plus

2:45pm – Celtic vs. Shakhter Karagandy – Fox Soccer Channel

2:45pm – AC Milan vs. PSV Eindhoven – Fox Sports 1

2:45pm – Real Sociedad vs. Lyon – Fox Sports 2

2:45pm – Maribor vs. Viktoria Plzen – MSG Plus/Fox Sports Net

2:45pm – Everton vs. Stevenage – beIN Sport USA

5pm – Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid – ESPN Deportes/ESPN3

6:30pm – Atletico Mineiro vs. Botafogo (Brazil Cup) – beIN Sport USA

8:50pm – Flamengo vs. Cruzeiro (Brazil Cup) – beIN Sport USA

10pm – Heredia vs. San Jose Earthquakes – Fox Soccer Plus/Fox Soccer 2Go

      • Dudester

        Hughes definetly likes him and will give every chance to succeed.He sees the tremendous potential that Brek has.


      • Isaac

        Really is. I was hoping the winner in the Gold Cup final may have helped his confidence a bit. Hopefully the injury didn’t slow him down too much.


      • David M

        Maybe not. This is from the Stoke Messageboard:

        “probably our two most effective players.” (about Shea and Muniesa)


      • Hogatroge

        Yeah… no.

        Try recovering from injury, not 90′ fit, but impressed coach enough to warrant a starting look in a non-EPL match.


      • MemRook

        Probably just working up to fitness and bringing him along slowly.


    • biff

      yeah, saw the last 20 minutes of that game and was exciting stuff. Celtic has to be one of the best home crowds in the world. Electric, and I think Celtic would be a good destination for a Yank or two. I can cheer for this team going forward against most teams.

      But all that said, Shakhter Karagandy sort of got the shaft. They probably would have won if they had not been forbidden to sacrifice a sheep.


    • MemRook

      At times I really wish atmosphere and crowd noise could really be felt at home thru the television. The celtic game-winner and final whistle is one of those times.


    • EspinDOHla

      Glad I switched over from the Milan/PSV game. I agree with yall about the atmosphere, it was definitely electric.


  • SoundersOff

    It’s about time La Liga intervene. Teams aren’t even trying to play within the rules with Messi. I don’t even care for Barcelona and it’s making me angry.

    He’s going to have his career ended early by the complete nonsense that goes unpunished now. 2 different studs exposed scissors from behind. Countless pull downs. Just waiting for him to go by and kicking him.

    Then the even more nefarious stuff. Referee was watching it too. Messi starts making a run and the Atletico player just cleated him. Like 30 yards from the ball. Just cleated him.

    Referee waved play on. What the heck man? That’s not an advantage play. That’s a straight red card.

    Might be the first time I’ve ever seen Lionel Messi yelling at the referee at half time.


  • Mike E.

    This is so ridiculous. Every time Messi and Neymar go near the ball they are hacked to the ground with malice.

    Referee is an absolute joke. How do you possibly allow this to continue without even pulling out cards?


  • SoundersOff


    Straight red to Luis for throwing an elbow and then a yellow to someone else on Madrid. Only about 6 yellow too few so far, but it’s a start.


  • SoundersOff

    And then Costa cleats Messi in the shin 30 seconds after the restart. This is seriously one of the most cheap-shot laden games I’ve ever seen, and incredible one-sided.


  • SoundersOff

    Wow and here comes a major suspension.

    Godin stomps on Dani Alvev’s back after the play. That’s going to be multiple games and should be another red card.


  • Mike E.

    Wow Godin is so lucky the official missed that. He can expect a 3 game suspension at the minimum. Just a blatant stomp on Alves’ back.

    Madrid should be 3 or 4 men down already.


  • SoundersOff

    And there’s another red card. This time for Arda Turan–who only managed to get his after being subbed off.


  • SoundersOff

    Idk if anyone else saw that–but the commentators on my Spain feed just went crazy.

    Arda Turan pretended to shoot the referee after being given the red card.


  • Nate Dollars

    freddy adu played about 70 minutes in bahia’s cup game. played mostly on the wing, sometimes going up top. he looked good; very active, very troublesome for the opposing defense, and he hit a number of great through balls.

    the brasilian style of play seems like a good fit for him; often it seems like they’re kind of expected to create a little space for themselves before just passing the ball off, which definitely fits his skill set.


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