SBI MLS Save of the Week

SBI MLS Save of the Week: Jaime Penedo

JaimePenedoLAGalaxy1-RSL (LAGalaxy)


    • aj

      I was thinking the same thing during the game. This has to be a Save of the Year candidate.


    • Gary Page

      Just saw a show last night on FS1 on the greatest saves of all time. I thought Penedo’s save looked as good as some of the candidates on that show.


    • Beto

      Ya thats the guy who put a similar shot from further out in vs England just a few weeks ago. Great save by Penedo


  • John F

    I couldn’t believe that save watching the game. Penedo should also get bonus points for the nasty rug burn he got on his stomach making that dive.


  • Good Jeremy

    Amazing save by him, but wouldn’t have been necessary had Gonzo not fallen asleep right in front of him.


    • Lil' Zeke

      Everyone in that high line seemed to be engaged in prayer. Why you gotta pick on the one guy with 6 1/2 feet of neurons to marshall?


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