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Hernandez dishes skillful game-winning assist in Monterrey Copa MX triumph

AlonsoHernandezMonterrey1 (SoccerItalia)


Monterrey’s Alonso Hernandez has been forced to be patient since returning from the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, but that did not stop him from making an impact on Tuesday.

Hernandez showed the skill that made U.S. Under-20 head coach Tab Ramos aggressively recruit him to the U.S. set-up for on Tuesday, dribbling past two players before slotting a perfect through ball to Monterrey teammate Luis Madrigal for a 48th-minute winner in a 1-0 victory over Puebla in Copa MX action.

Hernandez started for the third time in the Apertura Copa MX, going the full 90 in the victory. The El Paso, Texas-born forward has regularly made the Monterrey bench for their Liga MX matches, though he’s only made one appearance this fall, a 12-minute cameo off the bench against Puebla in a 1-1 draw.

Here’s the video of the assist (after the jump):


What did you think of Hernandez’s assist? Do you see him earning more playing time in Liga MX this weekend after his impressive performance mid-week? Do you see him continuing to be a part of the U.S. set up?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Scweeb

    I am excited to see the new faces after this WC. I think we are going to have allot of young attacking guys coming up.


    • matt

      Frankly id rather have legitimately good outside backs come up through the ranks and a center back or two. I wouldnt mind someone coming up to replace Dempsey either. Hes just not at the level he was last WC and we need someone to play behind Josey


      • Benjamin C.

        Right backs to watch in the next cycle: Lichaj, Chandler, and Yedlin. Maybe Sarkodie and Sheanon Williams. All young and talented.

        Left backs: Fabian Johnson probably can lock down this spot for a while, and I admittedly cannot think of any potential young backups. Castillo? Isn’t there a young American that plays left back in one of the Scandanvian leagues?

        Dempsey withdrawn role: Agudelo seems to possess the skill set to fill this role, especially if he finds success in the EPL. Another name to watch here is Lletgett, if his promise ever materializes into playing time at West Ham (or anywhere, for that matter).


  • TomG

    Ball was glued to his foot. Nice skills. Odd phrasing in the title. It makes it seem like he is a former member of the US system and chose Mexico instead. I hope that’s not the case.


    • 2tone

      He is not a US U-20 member anymore, hence former US U-20. He has stated that he has never even thought about playing for Mexico.


      • TADevil

        “He has stated that he has never even thought about playing for Mexico.”

        I like the sound of that.


      • TomG

        It’s just odd phrasing. I’ve never heard Luis Gil referred to as a former US U20.


  • 2tone

    He was played out of position for the US U-20’s. He is more of a withdrawn FWD like Dempsey, but Ramos used him as a target striker in the 4-3-3.


  • MetrofanNo1

    Looks like Mexico’s version of the US Open Cup doesn’t get much support either. Attendance in that stadium looked that way.


    • el paso tx

      Exactly, all of the mexican divisions rebranded and the federation brought back the league cup. They have implemented a master plan, for 2026 in order to get the world cup. The mexican federation is basically copying or stealing MLS ideas and plans. They have ligaMX, with a theme song, they have relocation and expansion like MLS now. Their federation wants new stadiums, at least 10,000.season ticket holders per team, every first division team must have a 18,000 seat stadium and if a 2nd division team is promoted, they might loose their promotion to the new rules. They should call ligaMX, MLSMexico.


      • Dan

        Are you joking?

        Is a theme song unique to MLS? Relocation and Expansion? lol If there is something you can count in LigaMX is at least one team moving every year. What federation would not want new stadiums? They are copying MLS by relegating teams?


  • el paso tx

    El paso is a hotbed for soccer, too bad soccer college powerhouses teams dont come.to el paso tx to recruit, and most of our talent goes to mexico and try out and most of them get bullied vecause they are american. El paso tx does have fc dallas youth teams and supposedly houston dynamo wanted to have an academy here in el paso but never happen. As a matter of fact, many of our local high schools, had and have retired professional soccer players as coaches


  • Scott e Dio93

    Cap him vs Scotland!!! Hernandez is more 2018 USNT’s player, but it’s never too early to start developping Hernandez.


  • Tom

    What’s his dual status? What is the other country he can represent? I can make the mildly racist assumption that it’s more likely to be Mexico then Iceland…but the article doesn’t confirm if he does in fact have Mexican or Honduran or Panamanian or Icelandic heritage.


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