MLS- San Jose Earthquakes

MLS Insider: Episode 9 (Matt Reis, Bash Brothers in San Jose)

Matt Reis

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The latest episode of MLS Insider focuses on New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis’ family challenge following the Boston Marathon bombings, while also taking an inside look at Alan Gordon and Steven Lenhart with the San Jose Earthquakes.

Episode nine features an in-depth look at how Reis helped save his father-in-law’s life during the Marathon tragedy and what Reis calls “the best save I ever made.” The second half of the episode looks at the relationship between Gordon and Lenhart, who have formed a tight partnership up top since Gordon joined the Earthquakes in 2011.

Watch Episode 9 of MLS Insider after the jump:

  • Dainja

    Wow. Truly powerful story about Reis. I believe he re-won the starting job at keeper for NE, yes? I hope he hangs on to the role to through the end of the season. No doubt he deserves it just as an inspiration alone! (and the fact, that yes, he’s a heck of a keeper too).


  • Dinho

    Amazing story on Matt. Known him for years, always been a stand-up guy. This more than confirms that. Congrats to John for staying strong and making such an amazing turnarounds. Legends.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t dislike a player much more than Lenhart (maybe except Carragher or John Terry). This does nothing to change that.


  • Green76

    I am very impressed with the productions of MLS insider. They bring us some great stories and let us see these players in a new light.


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