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USMNT 2, Mexico 0: Field Level Highlights


Photo by John Todd/ISIPhotos.com

  • dcpohl

    I wish I would have stuck around and watched the Honduras-Panama game at the stadium instead of going back to the bar. Must have been fun celebrating with the team!


  • AcidBurn

    Well done US Soccer. Outstanding video. Wow, that crowd was loud. Love the view from the players coming out of the tunnel – that stadium was absolutely buzzing.

    Maybe you can send a copy to Pinto and the CR Federation. Oh wait, they’ll break it in half and set it out with the garbage.


  • Grant

    awesome video! and great great great fan support! we’ve come a long way in 10 years in regards to our support for the NT… I remember seeing an empty crew stadium back qualifying for the 02 WC. Time to start looking for flights to Brazil 😀


    • automata

      Agreed on the increased U.S. support and coverage, but I was at that 2001 game too and it was sold out as well.


      • Jacknut

        Yeah, it was sold out, but it was still 50-50 in terms of fan support. That was the hottest frozen night ever.


  • Dos a Cero ... Again

    Having been there that night, it still gives me goosebumps to watch that footage. It was even more awesome than Dos a Cero #1.

    Quick story:

    At that game (Dos a Cero #1) we actually had a Mexico fan ask us to hold his drink while his team was gonna score. Needless to say, he was none too happy when we asked him to do that for us later in the game … 🙂 We looked for him at this game but couldn’t find him anywhere 🙂


  • Gary Page

    Great video. Something like this never gets old. Just wish they had shown some of what Klinsmann said at half time.


  • BBB

    Great Video. Does GEICO sponsor the USMNT? I think I saw their caveman guy at 1:22.

    “Dos a Cero, so easy a caveman can do it.”


    • Johnnyrazor

      Hey Frankie earned 85 caps and scored 7 goals for the national team and won two MLS Championships (not that he played much for the Galaxy in 11), he deserves respect.


    • Socom 2

      New to the USMNT ?

      You seriously didnt know who that was ?

      I’m pretty sure thats you at 13:11


      • BBB

        Apparently the humor was missed on the gaming community. And to answer your questions – No and no.


    • Increase

      I saw that. One would think, JJ wouldn’t be calm guy due to his love for yellows but just because its his job doesn’t mean he is Roy Keane.


  • WayDownInTexas

    Must say I was never a fan in the past, but Kudos to you Sunil Gulati! You have truly out done yourself in the past 3 years. Must admit I haven’t always been impressed with his work, But lately the guy has been on the $. His new name, Two-Nil Gulati!


  • Jeremiah Lack

    As a born and raised Michigander I have an innate distaste for everything Ohio, but moments like this remind me, “Out of Many….”
    Well done Columbus, Well Done!


  • Beto

    So f-ing awesome. So glad i skipped work and made the trip!

    This whole hex has been incredible and this game was truely amazing.


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