SBI MLS Rookie of the Week

SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Gyasi Zardes

Gyasi Zardes

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


When the Los Angeles Galaxy tore apart the San Jose Earthquakes defense on their way to a 3-0 victory, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan led the way as usual, but the third weapon needed to complete the rout was a new face starting to find his form.

Galaxy rookie Gyasi Zardes was a handful last Saturday, drawing a penalty and assisting on another goal in a performance that earned him SBI Rookie of the Week honors.

Zardes beat out a field of candidates that includes Andrew Farrell, Wil Trapp, and Carlos Alvarez.

What did you think of Zardes’ performance? Which rookie stood out to you in MLS Week 27?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jeff carter

    I think his potential is Eddie Johnson 2.0, which as we’ve seen recently, can come quite handily against Concacaf foes. He’s not the 2nd coming (and he doesn’t have to be with Jozy, AJ, Agudelo, jacmac, Rubin etc) but I think he’ll be useful for the NT, eventually


  • ozotkd

    I was at that game on Saturady, the kid has potential, he definitely was giving SJ problems on that left side, he really needs to keep it up, he can be a real good player.


  • Gary Page

    I think he did better by playing within himself and being a better team player. In the past he has taken too many shots (and missed) and not looked enough for the open man. They say he has a great work ethic and he has the physical ability, so he could become like another poster said, EJ 2.0. They even have similar hair.


  • RobsterCraw

    I watched that game and to be honest, aside from winning a penalty, he was a lot more flash than bang. The kid may have potential, but he isn’t really turning in clutch performances. LA were up against a SJ defense that included Jason Hernandez instead of Bernardez and with a hollowed out midfield that made the defense play especially narrow in order to make up for the midfield being overrun. This gave Zardes acres of space on the wing and really flattered his game, but he didn’t actually do that much with the time and space he had (aside from winning that penalty). Had SJ been able to call on Bernardez and Baca, it is unlikely that Beitashour and Chavez would have been as stretched and Zardes would have actually had to impress a bit to get this kind of honor.

    Look at the penalty he won. Did he do anything other than collect a pass in the box completely unmarked and then make a easy cut to beat a desperation challenge by an out of position fullback?

    SBI should rescind this award and instead issue an award for worst coaching decisions/worst defensive formation to SJ’s Watson. There has to be a rookie in the league that had a better game than Zardes. Zardes may be good, but he’s also flattered by the quality of the football played by his team mates. Trade Zardes to DC and see if he can look good.


    • beachbum

      with WC qualis going on he’ll get a chance this weekend without the flattery of others. it’s a steep challenge. we’ll see. like all other Galaxians, he benefits from the play of Robbie, LD and Gonzo and recently Penedo, no doubt; all four will be missed


  • Fredo

    I’m thrilled that Zardes is showing improvement. I’m also glad that Keane is playing along with Zardes’ on the job training.


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