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CONMEBOL Rewind: Uruguay beats Argentina, Chile edges Ecuador and more

Luis Suarez Uruguay Argentina (Getty Images)


To no one’s surprise, Luis Suarez was back at the center of some controversy on Tuesday.

Suarez helped Uruguay defeat Argentina, 3-2, in their final 2014 World Cup qualifier at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo on Tuesday night, but he did so by diving to draw a penalty kick that he converted in the first half. Suarez’s goal was Uruguay’s second in the match against the already-qualified Argentines, and it gave the controversial striker the edge in the race for CONMEBOL’s top goalscorer in this qualifying cycle over Leo Messi.

That result meant little for Uruguay as far as the CONMEBOL standings go, however, as they will still face Jordan in a two-legged playoff next month since Chile edged Ecuador. The Chileans won, 2-1, at home in Estadio Nacional in Santiago to secure a third-place finish thanks to a pair of goals that came four minutes apart. Alexis Sanchez netted the opener in the 35th minute and Gary Medel scored three minutes later against a fourth-placed Ecuador side that pulled one back in the second half through Felipe Caicedo.

Colombia also tasted a 2-1 victory to close out their successful campaign, going on the road to defeat lowly Paraguay at Estadio Defensores del Chaco in Asuncion. Veteran centerback Mario Yepes accounted for the second-placed Colombians’ two goals and his brace negated a bright start for the Paraguayans, who jumped out in front in the seventh minute after Jorge Luis Rojas found the back of the net.

Peru and Bolivia ended their failed World Cup bids with a 1-1 draw at Estadio Nacional in Lima. The Peruvians were unable to give their fans in attendance a treat, as they conceded a first-half stoppage time goal to Diego Bejarano that negated Yoshimar Yotun’s goal in the 19th minute.

Here are the complete final standings and top goal-scorers from this qualifying cycle in CONMEBOL:

1. Argentina: 9-2-5, 32 points, +20 goal differential

2. Colombia: 9-4-3, 30 points. +14 goal differential

3. Chile: 9-6-1, 28 points, +4 goal differential

4. Ecuador: 7-5-4, 25 points, +4 goal differential

5. Uruguay: 7-5-4, 25 points, 0 goal differential

6. Venezuela: 5-6-5, 20 points, -6 goal differential

7. Peru: 4-9-3, 15 points, -9 goal differential

8. Bolivia: 2-8-6, 12 points, -13 goal diffential

9. Paraguay: 3-10-3, 12 points, -14 goal differential


1. Luis Suarez (Uruguay) – 11 goals

2. Leo Messi (Argentina) – 10 goals

3. Radamel Falcao (Colombia) – 9 goals

3. Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) – 9 goals

5. Felipe Caicedo (Ecuador) – 7 goals


What do you think of the final round of CONMEBOL qualifiers? Did you enjoy this cycle’s South American action? Who was the best player in your opinion?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Hopper

    The headline is misleading. Argentina wasn’t really ousted, otherwise they’d be out of the World Cup.


  • Scott e Dio93

    Suarez, not because I am born in Uruguay, but Uruguayan midfield sucks! I admit Ramirez is only creative players in the midfield, Rodriguez is less creative and more toughness.


  • Limey

    It’s crazy that a guy with so much talent would behave this way. He really is willing to stoop to any level to gain an advantage, this kind of behavior is a blight on the game. I know we can’t retroactively take back the penalty but surely he can be fined and banned for his actions.


  • Neruda

    Vamos Chile! I love the way they play and look for this squad to make some noise again.

    Uruguay will beat Jordan for the WC spot but most will cheer for Jordan if only for a disgust of Luis Suarez. In the categories of dives, elbows thrown an other dirty tactics Suarez is also number one.


  • Yankeedom

    I’ve been a huge Suarez fan ever since the 2010 handball in the World Cup to avenge our loss to Ghana.



      Suarez must be the toughest striker to play against in the world. He is so good. Good at scoring and cheating and dirty tactics. That said, still love the best save in the 2010 WC.


  • Shimano

    Where is the guy that claims international players only give 60-65 percent when playing for their national team? He needs to sit down and watch DiMaria, Messi, Falcao, Suarez, Sanchez etc…
    Maybe he was talking about England because in the CONCACAF and CONMEBOL games I watched everybody was going all out.


  • Cairo

    What a story if little Jordan could sonehow make it to Brazil. Their top league is pretty much semi pro, although i did once get caught in a real soccer riot there a few years back. The riot was better than the game…


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