MLS- New York Red Bulls

MLS Insider: Episode 12 (Bob Bradley in Egypt, Mike Petke as Red Bulls head coach)

Bob Bradley


  • Smith

    Is it just me or is Bob Bradley looking more and more like he came here from the 23rd Century… when man has evolved to the point where he no longer needs hair & favors the Space 1999 style jumpsuits?


  • selfmade

    Bob has done a marvelous job with the Egyptian team called the pharoahs and we all applause him for his tremendous work with a troubled country like egypt but that said and done,his good works is coming to an end with respect to the WC qualifiers with Ghana!!! He is a great coach but with Ghana as the playoff opponents,his work is cut out for him though I had wanted him to qualify Egypt to the wc !!! Kudos mister for a good work done but at the end of the day,the one and only shinning black stars of Africa will come good!!


  • Out of Egypt Into the Great Laugh of Mankind, and I Shake the Dirt from My Sandals As I Run

    Go Bob!!! Beat Ghana!! Get our Revenge!


  • Increase

    Bradly is automatically one of the best coaches in Africa. Mostly because he can actually remember what players are even allowed to play.


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