U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT 2, Jamaica 0: Match Highlights

Graham Zusi

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

  • HoboMike

    What a dull match. It was evident that we didn’t take it quite seriously until the last 20 minutes.


  • Ben James

    On the second goal, the guy marking Jozy got his foot stepped on on the clearance and just gave up on the play, which left Jozy wide open. He pretty much just walked away from the play and then fell down.


  • Kafka

    Jozy could have showed more enthusiasm on his goal. I’d like to see more passion when wearing the US jersey. Anyone know why he wasn’t celebrating?


      • salamander

        1 of the easiest tap-ins ever

        but imagine if he missed it. that kinda stuff can be scary.


      • Tristan

        He plays like crap and Aron gets the hook. Also, how many bad games does Beasley have to have before he gets the bench? He was totally outplayed by Castillo


      • Jay in Florida

        I agree, Castillo had a really good game. He will probably start on tuesday since Beasley is having hammy issues. We will see if he can replicate that type of performance.


    • wva97

      It’s not just his goal… it’s when the US team or sunderland scores too. thats when jozy looks defeated; he’s displayed the same temperament at Sunderland when his team scores. I’m a jozy fan, but lately his attitude seems more about himself than his team. I appreciate he’s probably frustrated at Sunderland; there’s a lot of pressure for him to perform, and he’s surrounded by mediocrity. I’d be frustrated too. But come on jozy, when your team scores, man up and at least look happy and celebrate with them.


    • Natsalways

      Just checked his twitter…he was wearing special boots to honor a teammate who passed away. When he picked the ball up and kicked it into the back of the net he used the boot with the inscription “I can overcome KA15”.

      I imagine it was pretty emotional for him.

      He is a classy young man who scores a lot of goals for my beloved team. I think you guys are being awfully hard on him for last night’s performance. He had a goal and should have had an assist for Jermaine Jones. Give the guy a break.


  • SilverRey

    You can tell when LD isn’t really ‘on’ in a game when he does his pass and watch routine. It drives me nuts when he just stands there after making a pass! So many times last night he could have improved the play just by making a small run after passing it off, but instead just stands there. I can see why JK took him off.


  • sly

    I guess now that Jamaica is eliminated I can go back to regular sceduled programming of hating mexico and wearing my US jersey.

    Jamaica played above their level nothing to embarrased about.


  • Slumbar

    Altidore has the worst first touch on the USMNT. It’s as if his feet were bricks. He uses his body well, but so many plays are broken up because his first touch either puts the ball too far out in front of him letting the defense close or he bounces it up to his chest giving the defense time to close on him. As long as he’s scoring though, I’ll forgive him.


    • Bean

      He didn’t hold the ball up at all last night. His form is dipping a bit. Bacon, and him could not combine at all, so it was just ugly.


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