SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Today

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It’s that time again everybody. Time to discuss all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

With the MLS playoffs set to get underway, it is a good time to catch up on all the action on the American soccer front, as well as the international scene. If you have questions, feel free to fire them my way starting at 1pm.

Whether you want to talk MLS, USMNT,  European soccer, college soccer, or any other soccer subject, join us at 1pm as I try to provide some answers and opinions on these topics and more.

Join us at 1pm.

  • Chicago Pete

    Please address the Fire situation. Ownership cannot be happy for missing the playoffs again. Fans are upset because we have a very good team that started off in a hole AGAIN!!!!!
    Klopas needs to go. I like and know him but this has got to change now!


  • Scweeb

    Do you think MLS needs to swith up how it does its play offs. Was thinking the tweak i would make is that instead of two tables east and west you just have one table. Should make it so the best two teams meet for the finals.


    • Neal

      I think Grant Wahl (?) had the best playoff set up.
      Top 4 from each conference in round robin group play. Higher seed hosts each game.
      Group winner advances to play opposite group winner in Championship game.


  • Chris

    Why are we waiting until after the Montreal/Houston result for the NYRB home game date to be scheduled? That’s a great way to kill the momentum in tickets sales Red Bull might have had after a great win against Chicago. The longer a casual fan has to wait around to be told what day the game is on the less likely he/she is to attend. Especially considering it’s a midweek game. Weak stuff from the MLS front office and it makes the league look bad.


    • slowleftarm

      Agreed. I have season tickets but have an unavoidable work commitment one of those days so really hoping for the game to be on the other date. Would like to know either way though.


  • PD

    what to do about Toronto and Chivas? i know that folks say the relegation is not the answer in the US, but these clubs are ridiculous!


  • milkshake of despair

    Not sure I can participate in the QA. Can someone ask about the comments section on SBI? Why the switch in the order of comments? Why not provide a filter for readers to choose from?



  • The Imperative Voice

    Does MLS/national network blackout the national telecast if your playoff game is being “shown” on local TV? I’ve seen at least one Houston source suggesting the game is only available on CSN-Houston. The Dynamo’s local TV is CSN-Houston, a bankrupt fiasco that airs in less than half of area cable households, and not on my cable. I know MLS Live is blacked out for local TV games but I’m not sure about NBCSN. Anybody know how it works?


  • Birgit Calhoun

    Why not just have longer season without play-offs. It irks me that the Eastern Conference has teams in the play-offs that have fewer points than some of the teams in the Western Conference that are not in the play-offs. A longer season would clearly ferret out the real point-winners. The United States are obsessed with play-offs that only bring money to the teams that happen to have had the luck of having won one or two more games.


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