World Cup Qualifying

USMNT 3, Panama 2: Match Highlights

US Men's National team vs. Panama

Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIphotos.com

    • Nathaniel

      I do too. The US team seemed to be good sports about winning, which I’m very glad of. No hard feelings, Panama played a hell of a game.


  • Engkzl

    It looks like Orozco’s goal comes off his ARM? I’ve watched it about 10 times, and from this angle it certainly wasn’t a header.


    • Kosh

      No it wasn’t a header and it wasn’t a hand ball either. It looks like he sticks out a leg and get it. For what was at stake last night those Panamanian defenders would have had a thing or two to say about a hand ball tying goal.


  • Frank

    Look at #2 on Panama after the Zusi goal. It’s almost like he goes up to Davis and says “Dude wtf we could knock out Mexico”


    • Nathaniel

      Sheesh, Dempsey’s scored more goals in qualifying than any other US player. Don’t hate him for a few below-average showings, he’s been on the A team for years for a reason.


  • Dirk McQuigley

    Panama deserved to lose w/ the ridiculous celebration after Tejada’s goal. There were still 7 minutes plus stoppage time left. It was a little too early to start booking the ticket to Brazil.


  • VMan

    Man, that was just brutal for Panama. It was obvious that the US players felt bad. Even the celebration for the tying goal was a bit muted. And you wouldn’t even know that Johansson scored by looking at him on the third goal.


      • Sonny

        We have few players that take players on. He adds a dimension with his fearlessness and pace, and he has been improving. If his defense catches up to his offensive game, he could be a fixture.



    • bryan

      what???? look at Chalkboard and tell me Castillo didn’t have a good game. He makes one FORWARD pass that Beckerman doesn’t see and it leads to goal. otherwise, he was fantastic.


  • Umlaut

    Wow, that curling shot by Johannsson looks better every time I watch it. It’s amazing the way he hit that! There’s just something about him that makes it seem almost a foregone conclusion that he’ll be a star.


    • AcidBurn

      Ray Hudson’s reaction too when AJ gets the ball outside the box right before his goal: “Look out” hahahahaha


    • LM

      Yeah i hope he plays more games from now on and that Klinsmann selects him for the world cup because the kid has a lot to prove


  • Raymon

    Me to my 9 year old players: always play until the final whistle. Time and again the US has gotten a result in the last few seconds of a game, with the most famous one being the Algeria game. Why didnt Panama sit on their lead and play keepaway or manage the clock? Not good enough, they dont deserve the WC berth. And we are, without a doubt, the best team in CONCACAF. Well done boys, now you get to show up at the starting line.


  • dan

    Gotta feel gutted for Panama, they fought hard. Mexico was a disgrace and doesn’t deserve to be in Brazil, here’s hoping New Zealand beat them.

    All Americans are Kiwis on that day!


  • sushant

    Thoughts on the replay:
    – Lots of empty seats for the ultimate Hex qualifier. Very surprising given what was at stake for Panama!
    – Castillo’s bad giveaway led to the first Panama goal
    – They don’t show a replay of the penalty that might have gone against the US due to Sacha’s foul in the box
    – Very interesting that all the Panama players weren’t back defending for the last 5 minutes. They should have gone to a 8-1-1 formation
    – I saw Panama v Mex and the highlight here. They didn’t deserve to get the 4th spot. For the good of Concacaf, I hope Mex makes it to WC
    – Having BeInSport for the away qualifiers sucks! I don’t know who arranged for those bas***ds to get the away qualifiers, but I hope there is cosmic retribution for that.


  • LM

    Yes ARON!!! I still can’t believe they scored in stoppage time not like they haven’t before…but it was so crazy! Still nothing beats Donovan vs Algeria in World Cup 2010. I really want to see Aron start now!!


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