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Fire release fan-designed third kit

ChicagoFireThirdKit1 (ChicagoFire)


On Tuesday night, the Chicago Fire announced the winner of their third kit design contest.

Local architect Freddy Christiano’s design called “Heart on Your Sleeve” was declared the winner, featuring a jet-black kit with a sky blue and white column rising up the front of the uniform, signifying the Chicago skyline. The right sleeve is also sky blue with the stars from the Chicago city flag placed on it as well.

The uniform will make it’s debut in the Chicago Fire’s anniversary game in 2014.

What do you think of this design? Do you like the color scheme?

Share your thoughts below.

  • WK

    so far fans should stick to being fans and leave design up to the pros, methinks. it does resemble the simple Quakes kit- which i dont much like either. i’m pretty certain a winning ‘fan’ kit for SJ would be BLUE, or the retro 70’s red logo.


  • Dando

    This thing is gross. They had that perfect update of the Puma kit, and now they’ve gone and once again shown how tone deaf they are to the general Chicago populace–Black? Blue Gradient?

    What a shame to see a team with a once-glorious connection to Chicago flounder like this. I live in Evanston and the thought of getting to Toyota Park makes me more likely to drive to a Sporting KC match, where there will be atmosphere and god soccer on display.


    • GJJ

      I live a mile west of Wrigley Field and it took me less time to get to and from South Haven, Michigan than it did to get to and from the last Fire game I went to in the summer. The city of Bridgeview seems to be going out of their way to make entering and exiting Toyota Park something akin to the fall of Saigon.


    • GJJ

      The city of Chicago flag is the iconic symbol in Chicago. Any third jersey should look like the old Puma Chicago flag jersey from back in the day. I’d even go as far as to ditch the red and make that the permanent home shirt (away at the very least).


      • CJ

        IMHO, that is still the best looking MLS jersey ever. Did they ever make a long-sleeved version?


      • first time caller

        Agree 100%. this new iteration is a bit of an abomination… and I think, a slap in the face. It’s, “we’re not going to give you exactly what you want… we’re going to take what you love and execute it right in front of you to your absolute horror… suck on it.” like a corporate mockup of something simple and organic that the fans loved, but focus-grouped and marketed to absolute mediocrity. It reminds me of the first time I heard (and cringed) at the “studio” version of the regular “Fire Fire Fi-re” chant.


    • Lando

      Good news. I discovered that the Chicago Red Stars have exactly what we’re looking for in a jersey. Better news. They play their home games in Lisle! No need to travel all the way to Kansas City. Praise the soccer God!


  • Adam M.

    The blue/white column is errie. Reminds me of the World Trade Center memorial lights.


    • Duper

      Even though it’s a different color blue, MLS agrees with Super, and will suspended the San Jose franchise for the 2014 season to avoid any confusion. When they are allowed to return again in 7 years, they will move their home games from a college baseball field to a high school tennis court.


  • RB

    Whatever you think of it, it’s worlds better than that god-awful fan-designed LA Galaxy kit.


  • BillyFünf

    While at first I thought it was a sj kit, that doesn’t deter me from hoping this becomes the fire’s primary choice of jersey


  • Mike R

    As a Fire fan this new kit is crap.
    Everyone Fire fan and their mother wanted the Chicago Flag jersey.
    This won’t jersey won’t sell and they won’t have another thinking being that Fire fans won’t buy it.
    Truth is no one will buy it cause this third jersey looks like sh!t.
    Either the Fire wanted a black third jersey (which I doubt) and rigged the voting,
    Or the “artist” Christiano stuffed the ballot box with votes using friends and family (much more likely). Either way they did the Fire fans a disservice. Not only is it FUGLY
    It resembles crap San Jose’s teams uniform
    I for one will not be being it and I suspect few others will.
    Maybe I’ll pick it up when it’s 5$ at the discount clothing outlet next week


  • beto

    lol, did this fan live in the Bay Area? the city flag on the sleeve is cool but try again. maybe just go from black to white.


  • blokhin

    flag jersey or bust- I’ve been pining to take my money and hand it over to the Fire for that flag jersey, yet they insist on not taknig it and coming up with lame alternative designs….


    • Hoboken

      Pin your money over to me. I’ll send you an authentic Chicago flag, with two holes for your arms and one hole for your head. As a token of appreciation, I will also send you a Sears Tower antenna hat.


  • Scott A

    It continually amazes me how bad most executives are at feeling the pulse of the people. Maybe I should become jaded so I stop being amazed by it.


  • Zak Ibsen

    I voted for it. I like it. We’ll still have a red jersey, we’ll still have a white jersey, we already had a flag jersey, and the Chicago Red Stars currently play in a flag jersey. This is the right choice for a third kit, and the fan votes speak for themselves. If you want to wear a flag, buy a flag.


  • Chicago Josh

    Enough with black jerseys and people trying to be gangsta….otherwise, get out of the ‘burbs and back into the city.

    White jersey w/ two horizontal light blue stripes and red stars in between…or an Argentina-style jersey w/ light blue and white vertical stripes with red shorts…this isn’t that hard, people.


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