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What is next for De Rosario?

Dwayne De Rosario

Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISIphotos.com


Dwayne De Rosario is officially on his way out of D.C. United, and that raises the question as to where his next destination will be.

United confirmed the news that they declined De Rosario’s option for next season on Thursday morning, meaning that the 2011 MLS MVP will be free to sign with any club in the league this offseason. But which teams will be interested in acquiring a skilled but aging and expensive veteran seems to be the real question, as De Rosario’s departure from D.C. seemed like a foregone conclusion given his high salary and lack of production on a historically-bad United team this year.

Make no mistake about it, the 35-year-old De Rosario still has the talent to be a big contributor on most if not all MLS teams. But the Canadian international has proven to be somewhat of a luxury in recent years, and his salary can be downright frightening for some teams (he had a base salary of $600,000 in 2013, some of which was reportedly paid for with allocation money).

Still, you can expect some teams to be willing to take the gamble on De Rosario given his game-changing abilities, leadership and toughness. A second stint with the Houston Dynamo or San Jose Earthquakes could be a possibility, and a reunion with Frank Yallop at the Chicago Fire would make a whole lot of sense given the two men’s history.

In any case, the process of where De Rosario lands this offseason will be something to keep an eye on as he will undoubtedly be one of the biggest names available on the market.


Where do you think De Rosario will wind up this offseason? Would you like to see your club pick him up? Think he needs to lower his salary demands?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Tony in Quakeland

    He is pretty much exactly what the Quakes need, if they think they can win it all next year.


    • evan

      “playing for three different clubs since his MVP season in 2011”

      Nope. he played for 3 clubs DURING his MVP season, not SINCE.

      i bet he goes to NY Cosmos…


      • Stopher

        I’d gladly have him on the Cosmos. He would be a tidy upgrade on Paulo Mendes. I think he’ll have plenty of options in MLS though, and wind up sticking there.


    • Eugene

      I think he would be a good fit with the Quakes, if he’s decent in the locker room also. Gets to play with Wondo again, and Wondo would be like a younger version of Brian Ching — super in the air when getting fed by a good attacking mid like DeRo.

      Current Quakes squad with DeRo added would be intimidating.


      • Jake

        DC United should have done a “don’t get injured and suck celebration” each time he went without a goal this year. If players get to do that to teams/owners, shouldn’t teams and owners get to do it the other way around?


      • rafavic

        I agree with you ben. We have needs but he is not one of them. Now if we can get a young player with his skill set then I’m all in.


    • PD

      No. Just…… No. This is the first time in two seasons that Union will go into offseason without a ton of money tied up in albatross contracts. Use the money for two solid midfielders that are young and creative and just get outta the way. No DP, no Lion in winter. We have Seba and Casey, that’s enough.


  • Rex

    DeRo has recently been very into the $$, so the big question is how much does DeRo think he is worth. Or is he truly ready for some consistency for himself and family as he states.


  • Samster

    NASL? He’s pretty bad – not sure if an MLS team wants to pay him more than say $50k/year. I’d pay him $5/hour to give stank face to my u10 team when they screw up.


    • Jake

      DC would have certainly kept him for $50k. Probably even $150k or more. There’s zero chance he would have done that though.


  • Mike

    Takes a paycut and goes to LA Galaxy? This is a BA move, aging skilled midfielder who still wants to win a Cup and will provide leadership for the younger middies. Also, relieves some of the stress of losing Donovan for international duty.


  • DC Josh

    I can’t see him taking a huge pay cut, so he will be off to Europe/Mexico for 1 or 2 more years. No way an MLS team pays him more than 150k per season. That’s a 75% pay cut.


    • Josh D

      Any chance of him heading to Europe ended when he signed with DC. He was terrible last season, and can’t cut it anymore abroad.

      He’ll end up taking a pay cut, lasting one more season then becoming a coach. He’s Sharlie Joseph of 2014 – great, aging player squeezing out the last of his earnings, even if it’s at a reduced rate.


  • a

    He could always retire

    or go play for Sunderland They need someone to help them escape from relegation.

    but seriously the dude is like 35. Get a coaching license. Help his fellow Canadians


  • Rufus Firefly

    As a DC United season ticket holder, those of you hoping DeRo lands on your team are delusional — you imagine 30 year old DeRo, not the 35 year old shell of the former player. DeRo was, emphasis was, a great player in his day, this is no longer his day. He doesn’t have the speed or quickness to get separation from defenders, his passing is mediocre as are his skills with the ball at his feet. He remains able to summon an occasional moment of brilliance, but those moments are few and very far between.

    As for DeRo being depth or a role model — forget it. He is a front man, not a supporting player. He quarreled with Olsen when Olsen rightfully sat him for non-production. What makes you think he would be different on another team?

    Unfortunately for DeRo, he may be done. Happens to every one of them sooner or later.


    • Jake

      Someone will definitely take a chance on him if he’s willing to take a big pay cut. If he’s not, you’re probably right that he’s done. My bet is that someone ponies up a little more than he’s worth and he gives it a shot there. Especially if its a good team with playoff ambitions that needs some kind of a good sub off the bench in the attack. Don’t forget how bad a lot of his supporting cast was in DC for a lot of the year. With other weapons even a 35 year old DeRo could possibly contribute.


    • Helium-3

      Titi will not share the ball with him. They both want the attack to go through them and that’s
      why it didn’t work out last time.


      • RBNY

        I think that Petke would do a better job managing them than Hans did though.

        He’s figured out that Cahill needs to go up top finally, I think he’d find a way to use DeRo to his full capability.


      • Tony

        I wouldn’t mind picking up DeRo for the RBNY. If we can get Heath Pearce off our cap (340k) and use the 100k we are going to get because we are in the Champions League. We could offer him something in the range of 440k and not lose a DP spot.


  • MrMaxican

    No matter what happens, once he is ready to hang it up i wouldn’t mind if the Dynamo picked him up for a one day contract. let him retire a Dynamo, maybe get another testimonial match out of it.


  • Kingsly Alexander

    He should go back to TFC, most definitely.

    Right the ship and retire where he’s from. He deserves it

    If not, Frank Yallop might be the nxt coach in Montreal so that could be a possibility.


  • Josh

    I love reading the comments on stories like these. Every team but the one he just left thinks they have the perfect environment for __________ player.


    • AcidBurn

      DeRo should go to the Galaxy. Perfect for him. Gets to play with Keane and Donovan omg omg omg.

      DeRo should go to the MLS mecca – the Sounders! Play with Eddie Johnson and Dempsey omg omg omg

      DeRo should go to the Timbers! Porter’s coaching genius will figure out where he should go.

      DeRo should go to RSL! Would pair great with Morales and Saborio…just the attack that RSL needs.

      Etc etc etc…hahahahha


    • Manny

      I don’t love reading the comments, here, not anymore, ’cause it means having to scroll up then down to follow the order in which comments were posted 🙂


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