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Bristol Rovers extend Packwood loan into January

WillPackwoodBristolRovers2 (BristolPost)


Following two man of the match performances in four games, Bristol Rovers weren’t ready to let American youngster Will Packwood return to Birmingham City.

The League Two club announced on Wednesday that they were extending the emergency loan of Packwood through early January. The versatile player, who can play in both midfield and defense, has played in four straight matches and logged 90 minutes in each game, furthering his recovery from a serious leg break in early 2012.

“We are delighted that Will is extending his spell with us, he is a good player and he is going to grow into a very good player,” Rovers manager John Ward said in a statement. “Will and Tom Parkes have developed a very good partnership together, and they are two very impressive young players, with exciting futures ahead of them.

“This will also buy us more time to get Mark McChrystal the fitness work he needs. Next week he is going to the FA Centre in Burton, and then we will have him back and hopefully get him back up to fitness.”

Packwood’s performances have helped Bristol Rovers move up from the relegation zone into 20th place in the League Two table. Packwood is currently signed with Birmingham City through next summer, after signing a one-year contract extension this year.

The loan deal stipulates that for U.S. youth international will return to Birmingham on January 11 and can be recalled at any time, subject to 24 hours notice.


What do you think of this news? Happy to see Packwood playing regularly again? Do you expect him to earn some time once he returns with Birmingham?

Share your thoughts below.

  • fischy

    I guess this is good news. Better to be wanted than not. Hopefully, Birmingham is still just using this to get him fit and sharp.


    • The Imperative Voice

      Amen. Young players need their playing time and as long as you’re playing and making the boss happy there will be someplace to play if Birmingham is not impressed. Better than Freddy Adu who usually has to sneak from job a to job b. All else fails Bristol or someone similar takes him back.


  • Lost in Space

    I like the loan extension….Gives him a chance to get minutes and return to full fitness.
    Birmingham was very high on him before the injury and even signed him to an extension while he recovered. If he continues to perform well @ Bristol he’ll complete his recovery and be in able to contribute to Birmingham sooner.


    • TomG

      Nothing could have helped that Ghana effort. Maybe they could have nicked a result against Spain where the c defense was poor.


    • Hogatroge

      Not much… team was undersized and overrated. Gil (and maybe Joya) was about the only guy that looked like he belonged on the pitch.

      Packwood’s a big, atheltic dude and a good CB, so maybe we concede a goal or 2 less and he scores off a corner. That’s about it.


  • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain

    Packwood, Brooks, and Gonzo make me very optimistic about the future of the US central defense.


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