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Must-See Goal: Douglas Costa

DouglasCostaShakhtarDonetsk1-RealSociedadUCL (AP)

  • ke

    these Must See Goals become more and more useless.

    some of these goals are very well taken. some are all about about the work behind the goal. others seem overhyped just because of the NAME of the player.


    • thisguy

      Well I enjoy them, and they can’t all be goal of the year candidates. Perhaps it’s the name “Must-See” that bothers you? Keep them coming guys.


    • Matt

      This deserves the title “must see”, to take that shot first time, from that angle, with that kind of power and placement? That is extremely hard to do


    • Eric

      how does a near post, out swerving, fist time shot into the upper 90 doesnt meet your standards? Thats was brilliant.


    • Dan

      Couldn’t disagree more. Way too many soccer sites bury the sweet highlights, or don’t even have rights to them at all (ahem, espn, ahem). Love this feature of SBI


    • smokeminside

      Is your real name Scrooge? Geez, it was a sweet shot, and a nice way to start the day.


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