World Cup 2014

adidas unveils World Cup jerseys for Spain, Germany


Spain and Germany’s 2014 World Cup jerseys have arrived.

Adidas unveiled the two European nations’ new uniforms for next summer’s World Cup in Brazil on Wednesday, and each one has designs that are inspired by its respective country.

Spain’s jersey color is its traditional red and a gold outline that symbolizes the current golden era of Spanish soccer. Germany, meanwhile, boast their customary white top that makes references to industrial architecture.


    • The Imperative Voice

      I like Spain’s – their traditional look reminds me of the Dynamo third jersey – but I think Germany’s will look less spiffy on a human being. Imagine a tall German with a high chevron and then all that white space, no possibility of a sponsor logo to fill room.

      Adidas seems to have run out of ellow thread because both jerseys are light on yellow touches. German flag is black/red/yellow. Spain flag is red/yellow. Spain’s stripes at least cover theirs.


      • Adi from Oregon

        I can’t believe a Deutsche company like Adidas did such a lousy job on the German national soccer shirt. The third color gold of the Deutsche flag is mainly missing. Plus having the large “v” pattern mainly at the top part of the shirt looks ridiculous. I hope someone at the Adidas Beaverton, OR headquarters forwards my comments about this “mist” shirt to the Deutsche Hauptfirma.


      • RAMONE

        Adidas America is in North Portland. Nike is in Beaverton.

        And I doubt anyone at Adidas America had anything to do with either of these designs … Adidas world HQ being in Germany and all.


      • Adi from Oregon

        Ja, you are correct that US Adidas is located in north Portland. Since Adidas provides many MLS uniforms and wants to be competitive with Nike (in Beaverton), their Deutsche Headquarters should be interested and listen to US product complaints.


  • Soccerhorn

    Does anyone see any gold in the spain shirt? Other than the border around the crest? Spain’s gonna look like Poland if there’s no gold or blue.


  • Edwin in LA

    The Germany design reminds me of the Jersey used by Mexico, Portugal & others in the Germany 06 World Cup


  • Travis

    The leaked image of the Cameroon jersey is still the best one I’ve seen, straight out of the 90s that one is


  • RB

    My comment was removed because I couldn’t understand what the last line reference to industrial architecture means? Really?



  • Frank

    I’m not sure if I’ll buy a German one are not. It reminds me of the ugly ones from the 90s. I might just buy a green one instead, even though it reminds me of the Mexican jersey.


  • d b

    are you all serious? these jerseys are as boring as it gets. go the route of the oregon ducks, have some spice and flare. those jerseys are the same ole cr ap that they always have. horrible, i cant believe anybody likes these garbage jerseys made by adidas. step it up adidas


    • Paul Miller

      I’ll take traditional over flair-of-the-week every time.

      I’d rather watch creative players than creative fashion designers.


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