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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

Thierry Henry, Corey Ashe


The second legs of the Eastern Conference semifinals may be on tap, but those are not the only matches American soccer fans will be watching today.

There are a bevy of quality afternoon games before the MLS postseason action resumes, including Chelsea vs. Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund vs. Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League. One of the day’s most intriguing matches will take place in Barcelona, as the Spanish giants host AC Milan in a battle of the top two teams in Group H of the competition.

The midday fixtures will be followed by two all-or-nothing MLS matches. The New York Red Bulls host the Houston Dynamo in a series that is level after a 2-2 draw on Sunday, and Sporting Kansas City will try and overcome a 2-1 deficit at home against the New England Revolution to avoid an early playoff exit.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

12pm – Zenit St Petersburg vs. Porto – Fox Soccer Plus/Fox Deportes

2:45pm – FC Basel vs Steaua Bucuresti – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Chelsea vs. Schalke 04 – Fox Soccer Plus/Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Borussia Dortmund vs. Arsenal – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Napoli vs. Marseille – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Atletico Madrid vs. Austria Vienna – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Ajax vs. Celtic – MSG Plus/Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Barcelona vs. AC Milan – Fox Soccer 2Go

8pm – New York Red Bulls vs. Houston Dynamo – MSG/Univision Deportes/MLS Live

9pm – Sporting Kansas City vs. New England Revolution – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

  • MLS_Soccer_Talker

    if mls has a playoff game and nobody is able to watch it…did the playoff game really happen?


  • El Paso tx

    Team 1 conference west season winner Team 1 Conference east season winner
    Team 2 vs team 7. Same thing for east conference
    Team 3 vs team 6
    Team 4 vs team 5
    Then seed number 1 comes in to final four of the conference, but remember all games knock out games.


  • fred mertz

    If MLS wants to go about things half-assed and they don’t care enough to give a s**t and don’t care whether their playoffs are televised how can they expect fans to stick around and support the league? It’s not like their aren’t any other leagues out there. No wonder people care more about clubs in Europe than about teams in their own cities.


  • DCisForBoners

    It’s incredible to me how much Zusi has improved as an individual since becoming an MNT regular. He’s a quarter step of quickness from being something really special.


      • petedx

        Ahh fair point. It looked like they just wanted to wast time in the corner anyhow. Maybe mls should bring back that stupid rule where you can make a 4th sub for an injured goalie, ie. the eddie gavin rule.


      • DCisForBoners

        As a United fan, I can’t support the goalie sub in good conscience. Playing for the corner is the rote thing to do, but with a fullback in goal some guys will want to go for the cheap glory. The game played out as it would have without the injury.


  • Jason B

    Y’all need to suck it up and quit complaining. You obviously have internet access since you’re commenting on this site, so just go to first row sports and stream the games.


    • RB

      Yeah, that’d be great.

      Or I could choose from any number of networks and watch quality soccer in HD on the 55″ screen downstairs, where we’re all set up for that.

      But sure, an as like as not iffy stream on a laptop screen perched somewhere else would be great, and just how I and a lot of fans out there want to watch soccer.


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