MLS- New York Red Bulls

Henry discusses playing future, more in lengthy interview

ThierryHenryvsPortland (Getty)

  • Quit whining about soccer in the US

    I only made it a minute into it. Arsenal seems to have a mentality of we aren’t going to win anything, so let’s talk about our better times. He is gone, he has been gone for a long time and he is not coming back…ok he probably will, as they will take him back in some capacity to still, even more so, keep holding onto those great times.


    • futbolisimo

      Ahhhh, you’re a complete and utter philistine. You could glean something from this very intelligent and experienced man (albeit arrogant, yes, but there’s something to glean from that too). And maybe in turn with those things you glean you could play some small, tiny part in the cultural landscape of the burgeoning American futbol scene. But no, you dismiss the almost 30-minute video at the first minute and who and what loses out? American futbol amigo.


      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

        And we shouldn’t. It’s football through-and-through. Throw ball is that other game. Just changes the names already.

        Great to have a real interview. They are so rare these days.


  • TomG

    Wow. What an interview. I love when he talked about the intensity of the Barca training sessions. If Xavi gave the ball away in training, he would lose his mind. So cool.


  • CPB

    What a fantastic interview!

    Henry, calm, relaxed, measuring words. great tribute to Gilberto Silva (former Arsenal captain) and other Arsenal greats; tremendous insight into Pep, Barca, Xavi.

    The man spent 3 years in the USA with the Red Bulls and neither can ESPNFC, “The Crowd goes Wild” (Georgie Thompson) nor NBC Sports Rebecca Lowe do a small segment with him in their studios? Of course I do credit Georgie Thompson for a great documentary when he first came to the country.

    We need to get him to say more for the Red Bulls and the MLS and US Nats, which can get to the other parts of the world. He is a legend throughout the same. When a legend says something, people listen.

    Otherwise we will end up for many years with the mentality Frank Ribery expressed recently “I might consider MLS after my career is over” (Paraphrased somewhat). And, that will always stick!


    • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

      Not always CPB. Ribery’s comment reflects more on his ignorence than anything else. The MLS game has grown in all aspects by leaps and bounds. This isn’t 1997.


  • NOLAmike

    A great interview. I thought it was cool that for him, the best moment was the first moment he put on the Monaco jersey. I like that he really does have the drive to win the MLS Cup. Hopefully we can continue to see some great soccer out of this guy.


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