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Must-See Goal: Ronaldinho

RonaldinhoAtleticoMineiro3 (Getty)



      Did it bend? Yes, but not the HUGE amount you make it seem. Go back and look at the video from behind the goal. The ball moves when it hits the post. That isn’t bend.


      • PSU

        Might want to look at it again, definitely doesn’t. Just a weird change in the speed of the replay.


  • michael f. sbi mafia original

    MLS should pay him whatever he wants. His late nights out are exactly the press we need. I love him.


  • Mattjack

    Filthylicious, too bad the rest of his team felt the need to run into the box and shoot and miss every time instead of playing team football. Ronny was shouting at everyone like little kids out there, it’s a shame really. He should be on a better team.


  • Chris

    I thought the MLS was the first league to get the new Adidas ball? Guess not.

    I wonder if the ball moves more than previous versions…


  • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper"

    GOL A ZO!

    Why hasn’t DC United or NYRBFC pulled out the check book? Get him while he has something to give!


  • dan

    Why do keepers put a wall if constantly try to anticipate by moving that way. If a ball goes over the wall then is the kicker’s merit if it goes in on the other side is the keepers fault.


    • Sebastian

      The problem is that the best free kick takers can put the ball almost anywhere they want. Ronny could have easily put the ball right over the wall and into the other corner. My guess is that the keeper tries to cheat because he’s worried about both sides..


      • Horsewhistle

        Nobody plays defense in the Eredivisie!!
        Of course he scored on that sitter, they left him wide open.
        Everyone stops that shot in the EPL.

        -oops, wrong thread.


  • Right, all the time

    You know you’re a legend when people in the stands start crying uncontrollably because they have just seen the best goal of their life!


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