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Must-See Video: Player camera worn by Brad Davis at Ching testimonial match

Brad Davis

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


Were you wondering what that camera was doing strapped to Brad Davis’ chest during Brian Ching’s testimonial match last Friday?

Well wonder no more. The folks with the Houston Dynamo posted a video with highlights from the Davis GoPro cam, giving fans an inside look not only at the match but what a player sees and hears during a game.

Ching scored five goals in the first-of-it’s-kind friendly match, featuring current and former members of San Jose Earthquakes and Houston Dynamo teams of old, including Landon Donovan, Chris Wondolowski, and Oscar Boniek Garcia. Davis scored the other goal for the Orange team as they defeated the White team, 6-4.

Check out the video below (after the jump):

    • Nate

      Totally! Very cool but hopefully they’ll use some image stabilization next time. It was a bit nauseating.


  • swifty

    This is awesome and I hope this kind of game becomes a tradition for those players American and foreign who put so much effort and dedication to their team and to MLS.
    Also, davis’s arms looked ridiculous in this video. Actually laughed out loud a few times.


    • Grant

      Absolutely! Houston definitely is a class organization and I love those boots he had, the 98 Ronaldo Mercurials, classic!


  • H-town

    “This Juan Pablo guy is trying really hard….” He was on the field with real professional players, even if it was only a testimonial. C’mon Brad, he had to go out there and show a little bit. Love that they did this for Chingy. Forever Orange!


  • AMPhibian

    i had to pause the video at halftime and comment. i love this budding testimonial tradition in MLS, and i hope to god it continues. i actually like to watch when the game is a bit more relaxed, and played as a celebration rather than a competition. i love competition as well, and consider myself extremely competitive, but this video reminded me of my funnest times playing soccer, when having fun, and creating something unique, was paramount above all else. i don’t mean to imply that i’ve enjoyed this match more than other, more crucial games, that i’ve seen, far from it. I only mean to say that i thought the atmosphere was refreshing, and easy for me to relate to. i mean, landon playing goalie…that’s awesome! anyway, i paused the video for a different reason. these go-pro player cameras are so immersive, i wish a member from the other team had also wore one. if they could somehow expand the frame of capture, and stabilize the image a little more, wow. it won’t be practical to wear in a competitive match for a long time, but i could see this becoming a valuable scouting tool in the near future. you will get to hear how a player communicates or doesn’t, and what they see and what they do with that information, among other things. i feel like i have more to say about both topics, but i want to get to the second half. 🙂 (yeah, emoticons don’t bother me)


    • AMPhibian

      to me, the best part, was when we saw Ching get subbed off late in the game. it certainly isn’t very important to history in a wide view, but still, in a minuscule dose, this is americana. I have never even been a Brian Ching fan, but it is easy to respect his career and accomplishments. respect and accolades well deserved.


  • Zak

    Similar to the ref-mounted cameras at the All Star Game…and similar to the ultra cheesy XFL. Hope these are not test runs for something they plan to do on a regular basis. Really corny.


  • Yevgeniy

    This is one of the things that’s great about MLS. You can see from this game that while people compete, it’s a close-knit community, everyone knows and respects each other. Very few prima-donnas.


  • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper"

    Great stuff! More of this please.

    I would like to see one on each line for both teams. Think how immersive that could be for the fan to watch how the ball is moved from back to front creating chances and defending one’s goal. We need an MLS Films crew. Does Steve Sabol have a shin kicking grandson out there?


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