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Ream shares 2014 World Cup dream

TimReamBolton2013 (BWFC)

  • solles

    He is playing, and the kraut says that’s whats important, and theres still 6 months before the world cup, and… er ok hes not going.


    • Brain Guy

      I may be wrong, but I don’t think most Germans would appreciate the term you used to describe JK.


      • Reid

        Klinsman better not have scheduled any matches on Saturday, he knows I don’t work, I don’t drive and I sure don’t go to matches on Shabbos.


      • Thin Skinned

        And I am minority perturbed by being called a ‘Yank’ all the time. That should be enough for that pejorative to be banned.

        Soccer only please.


      • BraveCajun

        You are not the only one who doesn’t like being called a “Yank”. What true blooded Southerner would enjoy being called a “Yank”???


  • Dainja

    I’ve always been a big fan of Ream’s POTENTIAL (He used to thread the needle with his passes at RBNY) but I still get the sense he’s got to get physically tougher and more importantly meaner. He was getting manhandled in the Prem, so I was hoping a move to the more physical Championship would help him. And he’s doing better, but in the few highlights I’ve seen this year of Bolton games, he has conceded a penalty and was out of position on another goal.

    Ultimately, it comes down to him, Goodson, Orozco-Fizcal and Brooks for that last CB spot…gotta go with the buy with the even-bigger potential: Brooks.


    • Tony in Quakeland

      Pretty selective. The goal was a near thing and the PK was a pretty tight call/ Did you see the clip of his fantastic defense splitting pass for a goal a couple weeks back? The Bolton coverage, including fan sites, has been extremely enthusiastic about him this year. He has had MotM consideration and was singled out in one article as the revelation of the year. He is continually given credit for the team’s defensive turnaround.

      An argument could be made that he is playing better than any US CB at the moment and that his versatility (CB, LB, DM) makes him very attractive for Brazil. Frankly, it would be ridiculous not to call him in for the January camp. It’s not like our back line is so settled that we don’t need to look at people.


      • Dainja

        Yep. Saw that pass, it was dope. His passing (when his confidence is up) is the best i’ve ever seen out of the back from any American. Unfortunately though, January camp is for non-European based players other than the Scandanavian leagues.


      • whoop-whoop

        It’s nearly impossible to find a CB who hasn’t given up goals over the course of a season. While occasionally the spectacular play overrides perfect defense, the most goals are scored as a result of a mistake. Yeah… no one likes them but, A CB is under constant pressure where errors are often hyper visible…. they WILL make mistakes leading to goals. Welcome to the harsh world of being a central defender! It is of course, how they respond to this inevitability and minimizing the frequency and other things that offset them such as distribution and set pieces that make a difference between. Way too small a sampling for me to make a legitimate judgement, but the little I’ve seen of Ream recently, he looked much more confident/competent.


    • DC

      Ream has been class this year since he’s come into the team. Bolton have been much improved since Mills and Ream replaced Knight and Wheater at the back. Ream has even on occasion filled in at left back and defensive midfield.


    • GW

      Americans playing in the UK usually cannot attend the January Camps. They are still in season then and their clubs don’t have to release them for the camp.

      In Reams’s case, he is currently vital to Bolton so there is almost no way they let him go to a camp like that.


  • 4now

    He needs to be sharper, tougher and more consistent. But watching him play, it looks like he really is. The passing will always be there. And we should remember that if Gonzalez and Besler were playing in the Prem or Championship week-in, week-out, there would be an alternative clip real that folks in these forms would be using to indict them. I wish Ream the best, our best chance of a ball-playing CB.


  • blokhin

    Ream’s dream coming true would USMNT’s fans nightmare coming true-no thank you. When he starts playing top-league soccer he should be given a shot. But right now there are too many CB and CMs well ahead of him

    In brazil, I don’t want to hear Ian Darke saying things like:
    “Oh boy! Ozil bypasses Ream and he’s clear on goal!”
    “Ronaldo left Ream in the dust, there!”


  • Beto

    Barring injuries (knock on wood) he is one the outside looking in but could (should) make it to the inital 30.

    Both him and Danny Williams are finding pt and form at the right time — glad to see quality competion at nearly every position.


    • John

      Alot more depth at central midfeild then centerback, perhaps giving Ream a bit more of a chance.


  • Commenter

    I’m not so sure he would be able to handle the offensive players that Germany, Portugal and Ghana all possess. We are going to have to play solid defensively, besides scoring goals, to make it out of our World cup group.


  • the original jb

    I think the WC draw hurts Ream’s chances. So much attacking speed and skill on the teams we will face, it’s hard to see how Ream could help. On the flip side, I think T Chandler’s chances have improved because of his recovery speed and athletic gifts. Yeah he irritated me too, but it looks like we are really going to need him.


      • Joamiq

        He is actually sneaky fast for a CB. He doesn’t play fast, and he’s slow for a fullback, and he’s not going to win many footraces, but he’s not going to get burned too often either. And really, what CBs do we have who wouldn’t get burned by Ghana in the open field?


  • Pause The Game Real Quick

    Ream can still make it to the World Cup, all he needs to do is call StubHub and stop being lazy.


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