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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

ManchesterUnitedUpset1-Newcastle (Getty)


All eyes today look towards Manchester as David Moyes and his Manchester United team look to exit from their recent league tailspin.

The Red Devils play their third straight home match on Tuesday against Shakhtar Donetsk in the UEFA Champions League, but are coming off two consecutive defeats at Old Trafford, a streak that had become unthinkable in recent years. Now, it’s up to Moyes, Wayne Rooney, and Ryan Giggs to bring some calm and stability back to the club.

Elsewhere in Champions League action, Bayern Munich welcome Manchester City to the Allianz Arena with first place on the line, while Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the Real Madrid lineup against FC Copenhagen.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

2:45pm – Manchester United vs Shakhtar Donetsk – Fox Sports 1

2:45pm – Galatasaray vs Juventus – Fox Sports 2

2:45pm – FC Copenhagen vs Real Madrid – Fox Deportes

2:45pm – Bayern Munich vs Manchester City – Fox Soccer Plus

2:45pm – Real Sociedad vs Bayer Leverkusen  – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Benfica vs PSG – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Olympiakos vs Anderlecht – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – Viktoria Plzeň vs CSKA Moscow – Fox Soccer 2Go

    • RB

      Yeah it’s on all the regional Fox channels I could find. I’m in the mountains and am watching on their Midwest channel.

      PSG mailing this one in, it appears: they just said Ibra, Thiago Silva and 4-5 other regular starters didn’t even make the trip to Lisbon.


  • vic

    Galatassaray juventus on fx sports 2. If I could pick on place to watch a game it would be Istanbul Turkey.


  • Kenny Powers

    Three Concacaf ayers starting in the Anderlecht Olympiakos match.Najar Klejstan and Campbell.


  • Bean

    Manchester City are sorely missing Kompany, and Toure today. City’s defense is looking soft.


  • RB

    PSG scores first despite the relatively weak squad and no big significance to the match for them (in contrast to Benfica’s situation)…


  • Kenny Powers

    A center midfield of Phil Jones and Ryan Giggs.What has happened to Utd, is it because of injury or was this squad punching way above their weight with sir Alex at the helm.


    • biff

      and did you see Ferdinand get the ball swiped from his feet?

      Shakhtar is looking excellent, dominating much of the game. If they can go through to the last 16 they could give the big teams a lot of trouble.


      • Kenny Powers

        Ferdinand is washed up.Evans was always average at best.Young only had one good season.Phil Jones has never looked good enough.Giggs is 40 years old.Kagawa has underperformed.Janusaj is only 18.Rooney dosent want to be there and on and on.


    • GW

      Mr Powers,

      Moyes inherited a squad whose cracks SAF had been papering over for a while.Vidic and Ferdinand have careers on life support.They have a lot of names but no real team.

      SAF even had to ask Scholes back out of retirement. Giggs is a wonder but fact that he still has such a prominent role should tell you everything. Imagine if Arsenal still needed Henry back as much as Man U seems to need Giggs.

      It’s a testament to SAF that he welded this crew into a championship team but Moyes will need a different formula.


      • Increase

        Ya, SAF has magic. Moyes doesn’t. I don’t know that its fair to Moyes to blame him for how poor some of those players truly are. Why do they even keep Danny Welbeck around. I’ll never know.


  • vodkatastesbetterinthemorning

    What do you guys think of this chant for the Germany game in Brasil?
    Rhine Monkeys! Rhine Monkeys! Why you cry? Is it becuz we stole Jurgen and all your black guys! Rhine Monkeys! Rhine Monkeys! Ozil belongs in a mosque in Turkey and not in Brasil!


      • vodkatastesbetterinthemorning

        Rhine Monkeys! Rhine Monkeys! Die Nationalmannschaft is not Die Nationalmannschaft unless it all kneels to the east for prayer.


      • Matt

        Frankly, that sounds like something you would more likely hear outside the US. I don’t recall hearing things like that at US stadiums, but I have witnessed it throughout Europe stadiums in person.


      • vodkatastesbetterinthemorning

        Well, we are becoming more a Euro styled football culture everyday, Matt.


    • John

      They move the ball well but just don’t have anyone who can put the chances away in front of goal. I wonder if Kljestan will try to get a move in January. He was certainly one of the better players for Anderlecht through Champions League. It would probably help his chances with the national team to move on to a bigger league.


      • Tom_in_So_IL

        I was thinking it be nice (although unlikely) if some of the nats could play play together at the club level. I think “Sochaux” could use Kljestan (Loan). I see Sachs as being able to succeed in France.


      • Glenn

        Agree – I’ve been hoping for Demps to Sunderland, although I don’t hear anything like that. Expecting an announcement on him next week?


  • Travis

    There really was not much snow on the field in Istanbul, I’ve heard it was the hail that caused the abandonment of the game but come on.


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