U.S. Youth National Teams

U-17 USMNT 4, U-17 Brazil 1: Match Highlights

U17 MNT vs Brazil

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

  • J

    I’m 5 years all of those Brazilians are gonna be in la liga and the epl and all of the US guys are gonna be in MLS. This is why once it come to the senior level, we loose to brazil


    • TomG

      Thank you for announcing your age. I guess that’s why your reasoning seems so childish. There’s no way all those abrazilians end up in La Liga. Any system has a huge percentage of youth prospects that don’t pan out. It’s the nature of the game.


    • Zack

      In 5 years, you will eat those words. While our guys may not get Liga or EPL, they will be at andrlecht or in the Bundesliga or something similar. (See Rubin Rubio headed to Utrecht FC) 5 years is a long time and every year more Yanks are playing in Europe. In 5 years we will see more american players in big leagues…especially if those leagues want to tap into this market.


  • Brett

    That Wright kid looks legit. He needs to get out of MLS and into a European developmental system.


    • TomG

      So let’s rob all the academies of their talent so that we never develop a good youth development system? I disagree. The only way we ever become a real soccer power is by refining and improving our academes.


      • John

        MLS has to give many more real playing opportunities to youth players across the board for it to be a good option to these young prospects. Until that happens, the best chance for them is to go abroad.


  • Super Metro

    well, according to your logic the questions should be, why do the Brazilians go to la Liga and the US guys to MLS? Are the Brazilians better? don’t the european teams see the US talent? was this game just a fluke?
    It has nothing to do with MLS “hindering” their talent


    • Nick4235

      While I don’t think we should take things to extremes, he makes a decent point. Not necessarily MLS’s fault but more the United States system as a whole. I don’t think you can argue that the Brazilians are simpily better than turning top prospects into top players as a whole but they’ve had quite longer to perfect their system. If you ask me, and I know this will anger some people, but the college system and MLS scouting system is seriously flawed. Kids are not being identified by pro teams early enough, and are not getting proper professional training early enough in my opinion. College is a fine route for those who can’t get offers anywhere else or are perhaps late bloomers but there’s a reason the top players from around the world are from academies and not colleges.


  • TomG

    Should be great for our boys’ confidence to win a tournament against these traditional soccer powers. Will be interesting to follow the development of guys like Gallardo and Wright. Wright, I’m particular seems to have an intriguing blend of tools and skills.


    • Brett c

      Yea didn’t he suffer to knee injuries while developing in Europe? Kid had promise but suffered career altering injuries if memory serves me correct


  • Chris2

    The Brazil gol was a great learning experience–for the USA goalkeeper. Come out quicker next time, dude!


  • Turgid Jacobian

    Haji Wright seems like he’s physically ahead of the game. Don’t know if he’s got all that much skill, though I appreciate he’s scoring a fair bit in congestion.


    • Nick4235

      Ya kinda what I was thinking. Maybe we just didnt get the best sample of his skill but there were times he looked to be over relying on athleticism. Not that being athletic is a bad thing but when everyone catches up athletically and you’re skill hasn’t caugh up you tend to struggle at higher levels. Maybe he is actually very smiled but to me it seemed Perez, De la Torre, pulisic, and gallardo were a bit cleaner on the ball than he was.


    • Shawn

      Really? He seemed to be able to skill and dribble past alot of players, also seemed to have very good finishing skills


      • Annelid Gustator

        I would have to say he reminds me of Brek Shea–a bit of skill draped over a lot of athleticism.


    • George

      Obviously you don’t understand the amount of skill that haji wright has. He may be big but he also has an amazing touch clearly you weren’t watching.


  • Kojo

    Let’s hope that Wright continues to develop but right now I would say he is physically an early bloomer which helps him at the youth level.


  • Ben

    You know…mike is right. What the win says to me is that we have more pituaiary freaks playing futbol now than we did 10 years ago. Adu looked brawny as a U-17.


  • Bellus Ludas

    I remember the days when I had to wait for World Cup results in next days paper…times have changed, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

    Those who can look forward instead of back will see evidence that soccer in USA is in midst of tremendous growth. Don’t be so foolish as to discount JK’s extension and what it will mean to player development or the continued rise of MLS.

    It may still be trendy to pull the EuroSnob attitude towards MLS, but it shows little understanding of the growth of the game in America.


  • usaalltheway

    Can someone out there please explain what this means? Good? Bad? Meaningless?

    Considering the age and the relative unimportance of this game, how will affect the future of the senior team?

    On a side note, I would like to point out how classless those Brazilian players acted on that first red card. Since I live here and am a dual national, I feel I have a little more right to say so than most but that is how Brazilian soccer players carry themselves. They rude, pushy, dirty, classless and have zero honor and integrity. Look at Neymar, Hulk, D. Alves just for starters. Getting into the face of the ref like that should be an automatic red.

    Brazil’s national team is talented but they are thugs and scum for the most part. I know it may hurt some of you but it’s the truth.


  • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain

    These highlights are terrible. Why don’t they show the second red card or the Brazillians quitting with 5 minutes left?


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