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Whitecaps deal Knighton to Revolution

BradKnightonPOW (ISIPhotos.com

Out goes one goalkeeper, in comes another.

The New England Revolution have acquired goalkeeper Brad Knighton via a trade with the Vancouver Whitecaps, according to SBI’s Ives Galarcep. Details of the deal have not yet been revealed, but are expected to come out as early as Wednesday afternoon.

The move reunites the Revolution with the 28-year-old goalkeeper, who played in New England from 2007-2009. Knighton spent the last two seasons with the Whitecaps, but started in just 19 league matches during that time. He is expected to challenge Bobby Shuttleworth for the Revolution’s starting goalkeeper spot.

News of the trade comes on the same day that it was announced that long-time New England goalkeeper Matt Reis was retiring.


What do you think of the Revolution acquiring Knighton? Who would you rather see start between him and Shuttleworth? Think the Whitecaps made the right move by dealing Knighton?

Share your thoughts below.

  • BFT

    This is kind of a head-scratcher. Knighton is available in the reentry draft tomorrow. Were the Revs really that worried that he wouldn’t be there when they pick at number 12? Probably didn’t give up much to get him, but still seems a bit weird to give up anything for a backup keeper (albeit still with potential) who is available for nothing in a day.


    • BFT

      Or, I guess they might also have their eye on someone else and didn’t want to waste the pick on Knighton. That actually makes sense. Nevermind.


    • STX81

      If the Revs waited until tomorrow they wouldn’t have the ability to restructure his contract and other teams could have selected Knighton.


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