Agudelo joins FC Utrecht on loan from Stoke City

Juan Agudelo

Photo by ISIphotos.com


It looks like Juan Agudelo has sorted out where he will be playing in Europe this year.

The young American striker will be joining Dutch League side FC Utrecht on loan after signing a contract with English Premier League side Stoke City.  Agudelo will start training with Utrecht on Monday and could feature for his new club as early as Saturday, when FC Utrecht faces Roda JC.

Agudelo was expected to join Stoke after his contract with Major League Soccer expired on Dec. 31 and looked to be joining fellow Americans Geoff Cameron, Brek Shea and Maurice Edu at the Premiership club, but the move to the Potters hit a snag when his work permit was denied.

It was confirmed Tuesday, however, that Agudelo would still sign with Stoke despite not being able to play for the club this season. A loan move to another league in Europe for the rest of the season was anticipated for Agudelo, who expects to be granted a work permit in England in the future.

The 21-year-old forward, who is surely hoping to make the U.S. Men’s National Team’s World Cup roster this summer, enjoyed a good 2013 with the New England Revolution after being traded to the club by Chivas USA early last season. He helped the Revolution reach the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

In 20 matches for the two MLS clubs, Agudelo scored nine goals and had two assists in 2013.


What do you think of Agudelo going on loan to Utrecht? Is the Eredivisie a good spot for the young forward to continue his career? Wishing he would have stayed with the Revolution and MLS? Believe he has a shot at making the U.S.’s World Cup roster?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Nico C.

    Are you sure? Is this really legit? Or is he going to tweet something about another club again?


    • QuakerOtis

      He does mess with people on his twitter account (got me once, have to admit), but goal and espn are reporting the same move. I think it’s legit.


  • SD

    Let’s hope it’s legit so he can get to playing…

    if utrecht is the team i am already concerned about PT….there are 6 strikers on the books, 3 appear to be injured, though duration unknown

    looking at the other strikers, they appear to be young and inexperienced….and it seems that juan has better stats than them…but still one never knows…

    as long as he can get PT right away, then i think we can be reasonably satisfied.


  • Michael Bradley

    Good luck Little Bro.
    Keep your nose to the grindstone and one day you too can be a 4th stringer in Europe and make millions at home.


    • Good Jeremy

      Shirley you recognize the difference between fourth string and fourth at a three-man position, IE first midfielder off the bench and a starter if there are injuries. It’s a pretty big difference.


    • Gary Page

      Little bro and someday could become a 4th stringer? Could you be any more condescending? Geez.


      • Michael Bradley

        Condescending?!! 4th stringer is good enough to get paid around these here parts, son!!!
        If he really applies himself and somehow becomes a 3rd stringer then he can be considered the Best American Soccer Player Ever and get paid like me.
        What else is there to football?


  • drew11

    A lot of off the pitch distractions for a 21 year old guy in Utrecht. Let’s hope Juan can keep his priorities straight.


    • Increase

      No see Utrecht is the only place in Holland where young women enjoy the company of young wealthy athletes. You can also get alcohol there and some smoking plants.

      On a serious note: If its legal to smoke marijuana in Holland is it still a banned substance in sport? Not like its gunna increase performance… I suppose it comes down to FIFA.

      At least when he is hammered and on his way home with his teammates, they can all get some cardio in while riding their bikes home.


  • Mike R


    Great move. Wish we could get all of the USMNT top prospects there to get real coaching. I think Shea would have the inside track on a WC spot if he took less an went to Holland instead of Stokes bench


    • Increase

      The dutch really play a wonderful version of the game. Ajax has gotten some beautiful upsets in recent years. Man City last year and Barsca this year.


  • MICHAEL F. SBI Mafia Original

    if he plays and starts scoring, he’s up the there with jozy and johannen in my book.
    he had a great second half of the year in mls and i like that he’s not waiting till feb/march to train like the mlsers.


  • Mike in Missouri

    Hopefully he’ll do better than having to squeak by on a miserly $200,000 in compensation a year.


    • Lost in Space

      Depends on where you see EJ or Agudelo playing in the line-up and what formation we use (4-4-2 Vs. 4-2-3-1).
      If you’re considering EJ as a 2nd striker or a wide midfielder than Agudelo is in clear compitition with him. IMO, Agudelo could easily knock EJ out of discussion if he gets regular PT and shows well. He’s more technical than EJ, Has more attacking moves than a step-over….EJ’s asset is he’s faster and is likely a better header of the ball. Gomez could still be in this picture as well.
      If your considering EJ as the Lone Striker….than his compitition is Jozy & Boyd….Not that Agudelo can’t play that role, just don’t think it’s his strong suite.
      Wondo is a 2nd/withdrawn stiker only….for him to get a ticket he’d have to beat out Dempsey, Johannsson, and Donovan. Only way this happens is if somehow 2 of the 3 are injured right before leaving for the cup.


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