U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Show: Episode 101 (with special guest Matt Besler)

Matt Besler


The New Year is hear and it’s time to get The SBI Show back and rolling into 2014 in style.

Episode 101 of The SBI Show features a look at the upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team training camp, and we bring in one of the revelations of last year’s January camp, Matt ┬áBesler, to talk about it. The Sporting KC star discusses the amazing year he just had, and what he expects this time around in USMNT January camp.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss topics ranging from the Oscar Pareja situation, the MLS Generation adidas signings, and more.

(The Episode initially had a loading malfunction that caused part of it to get cut off. The full episode is now live.)

Give Episode 101 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  • Soccerroo

    enjoyed both this show and the last one. The interviews I would like to see are a with Claudio Reyna & Jason Kreis on their plans to build the NYC FC, what positions they want to fill with their 3 DP’s. Later in the year would be interesting to have Brian Ching on and discuss his transition from player to running Houston Dash.


  • Dace

    I’d love to hear from Bob Bradley following his new appointment, or from Brek Shea on how he’s settling in after his loan move and where he sees his future.

    As a Dallas fan, I’d like to hear the game plan from whoever gets the long term reigns at the club, potential transfer targets, how he rates the academy players, etc.


  • timothy

    In the “I refuse to leave the kids alone” section of your reader base, I’d like to hear interviews with Diego fagundez and Gedion Zelalem. Maybe it might be interesting to hear from marc Pelosi, junior Flores, Ben lederman, Julian green, seb lleget, Gooch, mastroeni, lee Nguyen, David Beckham, hadji Wright, or Jason kreis. I’m sure there are several others who could give us some good updates and perspectives. Honestly, hearing interviews from guys like Tim Howard are everywhere and he’s a well known, stable player. I want to hear interviews from guys who are in flux (Gooch), have in interesting story (Nguyen), have an uncertain international future (fagundez), or can give us insight into the state of player development (lederman or Zach Pfeiffer)


    • Ives Galarcep

      Guys you mention wanting to hear from aren’t necessarily people who would be good interviews. Why would Gooch want to come on and talk about how his career is in flux? No chance. What exactly would a Fagundez interview consist of besides badgering him about what national team he wants to play for? And Lederman? Seriously? A kid? That’s silly, and Barca doesn’t let its kids do interviews anyway. Pfeffer? What’s he going to bring to the table as an interview?

      People with an interesting question hanging over them doesn’t suddenly make them a good interview candidate, though I can see how you’d be interested in hearing from them. There are plenty of players I would love to hear speak on things, but I also know that many of those subjects have no interest in discussing the things people want to hear about and/or are bad interviews.


  • Reg Chapman

    I saw on Twitter you guys had some technical difficulties. Just letting you know that the bad version is still on Stitcher, and the new one isn’t up yet.


  • Nic D "the Tx 2 Stepper"

    Great show!y favorite podcast from my favorite soccer site.

    Guest list

    1. Jozy
    2. Reyna
    3. Rossi (I here he will be in Colorado for a while … BaZing)
    4. Donovan (the band, but the player will do as well)
    5. Bob
    6. Magee
    7. “Gooch”
    9. Nguyen
    10. Gulati

    You got mad swag so I know you can get these guys. Get ’em!


  • Jesus Kreis

    Andy Williams as a guest please. He just became an assistant coach and I haven’t heard a single word from him.

    Interview the chivas girls with video.


  • Bruce

    Tab Ramos would make a fantastic guest. All time great USA player, and a very astute coach.


  • MisterJC

    Great show, folks.

    As for guest suggestions, here are mine:

    Player – Danny Szetela and his experience so far with the Cosmos

    Coach – Frank Yallop regarding Chicago Fire and Canada’s revamped approach

    Female – Sofia Vegara and what she thinks of Colombia’s World Cup chances

    Random – Andrea Canales. Do you know her? She used to write for ESPN and GOAL years ago. What’s she doing now?

    Thanks again for all of your hard work…


  • Clyde Frog

    Besler had a “roller coaster” year? That means lots of big ups and big downs. Not sure what his big downs were.


  • Kor

    Great show.
    My suggestion for additional interviews and/or features: You’ve compiled a crew of fine reporters for SBI. Why not feature them on the show occasionally to cover their areas of expertise? You obviously trust their reporting skills, and they are names we SBI junkies recognize. IMO, a short reporter segment would flesh out the show nicely.


  • homerica7

    I would love to here from Dillion Powers of the Rapids, specifically what adjustments he made on the step up from college to MLS, what his day looks like, what mental adjustments he made, training habits, etc. Basically a how-to Q&A of what young players need to do to make it in MLS (or a high level of soccer).


  • matt

    Besler interview was great. I love the details and the hints of honesty about feeling like a veteran at camp.


  • Eli Leppek

    I’d love to hear interviews from

    Jurgen Klinsmann
    Bob Bradley
    Caleb Porter and/or any player from the Portland Timbers

    Outstanding show. Looking forward to 2014 and all the podcasts during the world cup.


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