MLS- Philadelphia Union

Union land French midfielder Nogueira

Vincent Nogueira (Sochaux)


The midfield overhaul in Philadelphia continues.

The Union announced on Thursday that they have signed veteran French midfielder Vincent Nogueira, who joins the club from Ligue 1 side FC Sochaux. Nogueira is expected to join Philadelphia for the next phase of its preseason in Florida. He will occupy an international roster spot.

“We’re very happy to have finalized the deal with Vincent and are looking forward to him joining his teammates in Florida for preseason,” said Union head coach John Hackworth in a statement. “As a player who has captained a club like Sochaux for several years, we think he brings a lot of quality to our club individually and can be an important piece for our club going forward.”

Nogueira, 26, joined Sochaux in 2007 and has been a regular ever since. He was Sochaux’s longest-tenured player before leaving, and scored the equalizer in a 1-1 draw with AC Ajaccio last week.

In total, Nogueira scored six times in 115 Ligue 1 appearances. He also helped Sochaux capture the Coupe de France in 2007.

The 5-foot-6, 134-pound Nogueira joins a revamped Union midfield that includes mainstays like Brian Carroll and Sebastien Le Toux and recent signings Maurice Edu and Cristian “Chaco” Maidana.


What do you think of the Union signing Nogueira? Think he will fit in well with Philadelphia and in MLS? Do you consider the Union one of the stronger teams in the Eastern Conference now?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Curtis

    Sounds like a great signing — wonder what the backstory is in leaving Sochaux at this point in his career? Philly is gonna be a team to be reckoned with, and particularly so if they get their backline squared-away and Jack Mac steps-up in 2014.


      • Jack

        Also heard a rumor that he has an American wife, so that could be another reason he moved state-side.


    • TomG

      Right! Unbelievable. What a great move to pick up a solid Ligue 1 player in his mid-20s. Wow.


  • whoop-whoop

    All the parroted talk of MLS being a retirement league seems more and more to be pretty unfounded.


  • Curtis

    Good background info on the move — i.e. possible American wife and perilous situation of Sochaux in the league. Wonder if Letoux also played a role in convincing him to come over.


    • TomG

      I think we have a solution to our credibility problem. Send our hot women overseas and have them bring back top footballers.


      • JoeW

        Worked with Klinsmann (though only after he retired). Didn’t work with Schevcheko. Certainly worked with a host of lesser players.


      • whoop-whoop

        Send our hot women overseas? Sorry TomG, but that is quite possibly the worst suggestion I’ve ever heard.


  • Increase

    Anyone think that the US could snag more players from the french league? That new 75% tax on incomes over 1 million euros might cause something of an exodus.

    to quote the BBC

    “Football clubs in France threatened to go on strike earlier this year over the issue, saying many of France’s clubs are financially fragile and say the plans could spark an exodus of top players who are paid huge salaries.”


    • 9i

      certaintly something we could work on.

      the average Ligue 1 player salary must be like 600-800 K a year. if we can get say a ton of their mid-talented players for contracts like 250 K, it’s possible


  • tom

    Given how close Philly were to making the playoffs last year you have to think they’ll be in a good position this year…Especially with an older Montreal and an Aguedelo-less New England.
    East should be very entertaining.


  • PD



      • Broadsthooligans

        The front probably looks more like

        Casey Mcinerney
        Maidana Nogueira Le Toux

        With Ethan White filling the second CB spot. They should be pretty competitive this year. They were a top team in the east for most of last year with a significantly below average midfield and they’ve really pumped themselves up in the right spots. Not quite SS contenders but they’re equipped to make a nice run.


  • Skifast!

    I’ve been complaining about the Union’s major lack in midfield quality for years, but I am very impressed with their boldness this off season to finally address those obvious flaws. The way Nowak left the roster and situation under the cap held them back from making the necessary signings until they were finally able to dump dead-weight salary recently. I hope these signings work out, I really like that Nogueira comes over from Ligue 1 in his prime.


  • Yevgeniy

    I am still waiting for someone to chime in and tell us that he is too good for MLS and MLS doesn’t deserve him 🙂


  • Good Jeremy

    It sounds like a steal. We’ve had a couple this year, which is huge to me because it is before a world cup and many of these guys are in their primes. I think that the transfers of early-30s players will fly in after the world cup. The retirement league stigma is dying quickly.


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