New York Cosmos

Guenzatti signs extension with Cosmos

SebastianGuenzattiNYCosmos1-FCEdmonton (Getty)


One day after signing a North American Soccer League Best XI player, the New York Cosmos re-signed a player that they hope could develop into one in the next few years.

The Cosmos announced on Friday that they have signed local product Sebastian Guenzatti to a contract extension. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Last season was an amazing experience to be a part of the Cosmos and I can’t wait to build on that in 2014,” Guenzatti said. “This team means so much to our community and I’m very excited to play in New York again this year.”

In the 2013 season, the 22-year-old winger scored once in 11 games, starting nine times in his first professional season in the USA. A native of Queens, N.Y., Guenzatti previously played for Uruguayan club Huracan.


What do you think of this news? Glad to see Guenzatti return? Think he can establish himself as a starter again next season?

  • Stir Crazy

    If MLS doesn’t soften up the scheduling for their teams during The Cup, the Cosmos have the talent to cause some upsets


    • MLS_Soccer_Talker

      I think the cosmos could beat MLS reserves with their starting line up. Not sure if they could beat a 1st team, unless the MLS club is like CUSA.


      • Helium-3

        If MLS clubs don’t field their starting 11 in the Open Cup, they will get beat by the Cosmos.

        I’ve seen some of their games and they were very impressive with tactical movement; all their passes were made from good decisions and you didn’t have clueless guys taking 4 or 5 secs to think about a pass. Almost every pass was done with 1 or 2 touches at most. This requires high level players that you rarely see at the 2nd division level.

        They were clearly on another level against any NASL team. Winning the NASL in their 1st season is impressive to say the least.


      • Stir Crazy

        Exactly. If your an MLS team and you field a team of second stringers your going to be in for trouble because the Cosmos are gonna rest their best players in preparation for the Open Cup


      • AristotleTimVickery

        Ok, its time for the Cosmos to step or shut up. Taking the Open Cup would be a big statement on the American soccer scene. Continuing my discussion from yesterday concerning MLS max-ing out and being called out by FIFA, that will likely occur after MLS adds 2 midwest teams. I’m presuming that the next expansion stage will include Miami & Atlanta. When St. Louis & Minnesota are awarded teams, Blatter or Platini will say something along the lines of “if US want their world cup bids to be considered seriously, their league structures must come more in line with leagues around the world, both in terms of size and in terms of playing calendar.” However it occurs, Fifa will eventually pressure Canada to form its own league. If my scheme of a Canadian league w/3 or 4 US invites, including Cosmos, were to occur, I think that would lift the CCL up several notches.


      • dave


        Canada will be treated like Wales

        No Canadian Premiership on the horizon, unless they demand it.

        No Canadian owner who paid an MLS franchise fee is going to demand to form a league of lesser value


      • whoop-whoop

        Maybe I am missing something here, but…. if Canada chooses not to, or can not have it’s own hockey league, I have to wonder how or why they would have their own soccer league? Being that one of the few motivations to do so would be for nationalistic reasons, to think that they would then go on to invite US teams seems a bit farfetched.

        Being that MLS accounts for such an enormous geographic area, a large population and includes 2 nations, there is certainly plenty of legitimate reason to be granted an exception from FIFA.


      • AristotleTimVickery

        if Russia & Brazil pretty much abide by Fifa regulations concerning domestic league size, its not unreasonable to think that Fifa will revoke the waiver for MLS. Who knows how it comes about? Maybe it will be related to some Fifa-related corruption trials making its way through the US legal system (a bulwark of worldwide legal systems), and Fifa taking offense and having retaliatory measures (on MLS’ waiver, US/Can world cup bids, etc). Whatever, I’m just saying the waiver isnt a permanent thing. MLS doesn’t own that waiver, Fifa does. As for any Canadian league taking US non-MLS cities, I dont think MLS would stand in the way if its just 3 or 4 markets. As for the expansion fees Van & Mon have paid, its negilible.


  • dave

    I love the Open Cup and I wish teams took it seriously.
    If the Cosmos turn out to be the pain in the ass that makes teams play their best eleven, I think it’s fantastic news.

    Suddenly I hate them less. Go Cosmos! (sorta)


  • Stopher

    Good news. Seba’s no big name but he played well last year and he’s a local kid (went to high school in Queens). Glad he’s back.


  • Smith

    It would really be a lot of fun to see the Cosmos win the Open Cup. A 2nd division team hasn’t won, I don’t think. since Rochester in 1999.


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